May 11, 2021

15 Weird Things That Are Quite Common in Countries Around the World

The beauty of visiting other countries is that you get the chance to experience something new that you don’t have back at home. This way we get the chance to learn a lot of new things, be that quite helpful, interesting, or completely bizarre. A lot of countries have their own way of doing things, which when we compare with others turn out to be just super uncommon and weird. To illustrate this topic better, we’ve made a list of all the things that people worldwide do, that we never even thought of as possible.

From napping babies in the Norwegian cold to the bra studies in Hong Kong, this list contains some of the weirdest things you probably never heard of so far in your life.

Scroll down below to learn some great facts about the places you might visit soon.

1. Going into the sauna naked while sharing the sauna with the other sex(es) in Germany

In public saunas, usually, everyone is naked. If you feel uncomfortable, you can wrap a towel around your waist and/or chest. Between sittings, you’d usually wear a robe.

2.  Eating with your hands Philippines

The traditional way of eating is kamayan, or “with hands.” kamayan was the customary way of eating in the Philippines prior to Spanish colonization in the 16th century, and although utensils are more accessible and common now, pinyons often eat this old school way

3.  Pharmacies selling everything in the US

There are many differences between pharmacies in the US and drugstores in Europe and elsewhere. Many people from other places can’t believe that, in the US, the pharmacies sell drugs and junk food. They can’t believe that pharmacies basically double as convenience stores in the US.

4. In Norway, Parents Leave Their Babies Outside To Nap, Even If It’s Cold

If you’re going to a restaurant, there will often be strollers outside with babies sleeping in them. It’s normal in most of the Nordic countries. And also when they’re in kindergarten and it’s nap time, you’ll just see a bunch of strollers outside. And no they are not cold, they are always packed in the stroller with a bunch of clothes

5. Easter tradition in Slovakia 

Easter Monday is associated with the custom of bathing or sprinkling with water and whipping girls and women. The traditional reward for whipping or bathing is a decorated egg called kraslica – a symbol of new life.

6.  Matrimonial ads in India

There are matrimonial ads in newspapers and sites to find grooms and brides which I think don’t happen in western countries and they find it strange. The ads are mostly published by parents. It’s like tinder supervised by parents

6. There’s A Lamborghini In The Italian Police Fleet


A few years ago, a Lamborghini was added to the police vehicle fleet in Italy, and it’s probably quite fast and, well, impressive to look at.

7. Tailgating

Whether it’s a concert or a football game, we Americans love to drink and eat in the parking lot with friends before a big event. This is definitely not something done in most other areas of the world.

8.  Broken glasses on the wall as protection from thieves in Brazil 

Putting broken glass bottler on the walls around your house so burglars can jump it and rob you.

9. Drinking coffee on the go.

In other countries, especially Europe, coffee is a drink meant to be enjoyed over conversation, and at a leisurely pace—definitely not drank from a cardboard cup in a mad dash to work in order to feel human (the norm in America).

10. Colombians Drink Hot Chocolate Cheese

The sweet cocoa drink is consumed with savory cheese slices. And if you’ve tried it, you know that it’s quite delicious, but surely not common elsewhere.

strong>11. People In The UK Have A Competition To Roll After A Giant Cheese Wheel

The annually held Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling is a competition where people race down the 200-yard hill chasing a giant wheel of cheese.

12. There Are ‘Bra Studies’ In Hong Kong

At Hong Kong polytechnic, you can major in Bra Studies, where the Top Form manufacturer has its lab and factory.

13. Fried Mars Bars Are A Thing In Scotland

Peter Shanks & wikipedia

This food item of questionable health value originated in Scotland in a fish and chips shop. It’s battered and deep-fried. Would you like to try?


Pavel Danilyuk

World sauna endurance championships were so famed that people from different countries would compete in this extreme activity in the homeland of saunas—Finland.

15. In Slovakia, a live carp is kept in a bathtub before preparing it for Christmas dinner

Andrij Bulba

16. There Are No Street Names In Costa Rica & Wikimedia Commons

Although some streets might have names, they might not necessarily have signs, so the addresses in Costa Rica are still described by local landmarks.

17. In The Netherlands, Stairs Are Usually Very Steep And Narrow

Kirsten Loza

To some foreigners, staircases in the Netherlands might look more like a health risk than anything. Historically, the buildings were built up rather than out, saving all the centimeters possible.