16 Crack-up Textbook Vandals Who “Improved” With These Hilarious Drawings

When we remember the school years, one thing that comes to mind are the boring classes which we were not able to escape. Being trapped there listening to a professor lecture about things that seemed so unfamiliar to us was one of the things that we hated the most about school. To pass the time, one of the things we used to do the most was to doodle and draw over the books we were supposed to learn on.

Some people would just do some nonsense drawing, but others would step their game a notch by really paying attention that corner of the book. A lot of book nerds who like to keep their pages clean would probably not appreciate these little pieces of art, but to us they’re amazing.

Below we have made a collection of some of them we liked best. Scroll down below to check them out.

1. Textbook vandalism 


2. It explains everything 

3. My sister got bored while reading her textbook


4. This was in my textbook


5. it usually annoys me when I see that people had previously written in the textbooks that I rent, but i’m okay with this.


6. Boring books can make people create amazing things


7. Found this in the physical education textbook 


8. Funny textbook drawing 

9. Found this in one of the school’s math text books


10.  Only a true artist can see a bird in his hair.


11. Look close. One little line is all it takes!

12. Funny textbook drawing 

13. When you just gotta dance. 

14. Leaving a gem in a calculus book


15. A guy in my Japanese class found this in the back of his book. Can relate.


16. I found it in a college text book


Climate Change Signs: How Do We Know?

Our climate is changing around us faster than predicted. From more frequent and extreme storms to unprecedented heatwaves, we’re indeed feeling the impacts of human-caused global warming. The icebergs are melting, various locations are experiencing greater flooding, wildfires are happening more frequently, and so on.

Specifically, scientists have studied past climate changes to understand the factors that can cause the planet to warm or cool. The big ones are changes in solar energy, ocean circulation, volcanic activity as well as the number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Thus, they have each played a role at times. However, human activities are not an exception since it is believed to be main contributors to such increases in average global temperatures

And although we’re all concerned about climate change when it looks like a problem for future generations, we still ask ourselves, ‘will climate change even affect me?’ No matter what we care about, climate change is already affecting our world today. While we still have time to limit the worst impact, we have collected 15 great reasons to start acting now.

These photos illustrate the state of the planet and our climate, as it has changed over the past decade. They reveal how much seriously we must consider the climate change issues!

#1 Climate change weakens forests


#2 Beach erosion


#3 Worsening drought


Study says the current California drought is the worst in 1,200 years. Warmer temperatures are worsening droughts.

#4 Dried forests


#5 Lonely lagoon


#6 Flooded villages


#7 Mass fish death


#8 Climate change means more floods


#9 Air pollution


#10 Disappearing ice cap


#11 Farmers feel the affects


#12 Wildfires


#13 Starving animals


#14 Melting snow

#15 Hurricanes


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