April 22, 2021

17 Images That best Illustrate the Crazy Arctic Cold That Has Covered Texas

Cold weather has hit countries differently this year. As some are coping with light snow and soft weather, some places like Texas have been having more difficulties due to the temperatures falling below -10C (14F) bringing a lot of troubles with the power grid as it could not cope with the demand for electricity, therefore leaving millions of people in the dark.

The last time when temperatures were this low was in 1989. Due to the snowstorm, it’s estimated that at least 23 people have died. In many of these places across the southern and central parts of the United States, these devastating conditions arrive just once in a generation.

And if you’re asking how come that this normally boiling state is suddenly freezing over, according to the US National Weather Service (NWS), this is down to an “Arctic outbreak” that originated just above the US-Canada border, bringing a winter snowstorm as well as plummeting temperatures.

Below is a collection of images that will illustrate better the situation that these affected areas are going through right now.

#1 I Was Basically In My Car With My Mom From 8 Am Until Close To 6 Pm Today Just Staying Warm, Finding Food And Getting Gas. Welcome To Houston Aka Ghetto Narnia. I Miss Last Week


#2 Texas Winter Storm

                                                                 Kevin Coker

#3 Texas Winter Storm

Credit: Delcia Lopez/AP images

#4 Texas Game Wardens Rescued 141 Sea Turtles

Texas Game Wardens

Texas Game Wardens assigned to Cameron county rescued 141 sea turtles from the frigid waters of the Brownsville Ship Channel and surrounding bays. The sea turtles were transported via the PV Murchison, operated by Sgt. Game Warden Duke and B/M Bowers-Vest.

#5 Going To The Restroom In Texas Today. (Real Pic From A House In Dallas)


#6 Texas Knew For Years Power Grid Was At Risk But Did Little About It. Unbelievable


#7 What In The East Coast Nonsense Is This Texas?!?! Who Do I Need To Write About This Snowy Situation I Am Not Pleased! This Is My Backyard And I Have Questions!


#8 24+ Hours No Power (Some Sparse Moments Of Relief). 40 Degrees Inside But Eating Warm Food Tonight


#9 My Parents Let The Dog Go Outside After The Storm. These Are The Resulting Footprints


#10 My Mother In Texas Made Some Incredible Octopus Art Out Of The Snow To Bring Some Light Into The Dark Times


#11 This Winter Storm System Is Testing Us In Many Ways. Pushing Us To Our Limits. Creating Challenges We Didn’t Expect And Requiring Us To Make Tough Decisions


It’s hard to see the beauty in any of this snow through the pits in our stomachs, shivering animals, no running water, and no power for over 100 hours at the farm. We’ve all been doing our best to keep the eggs warm and the animals fed, but this egg got away. Here’s the inside of a frozen chicken egg.

It’s times like these we look to our northern farmers and old pioneers for guidance and encouragement. We imagine our forefathers over the last 166 years going through similar conditions never having known the comfort of a lightbulb. We take these as lessons but it’s hard when you’re actually going through it.

We will not be on the roads this week and will not be supplying our beloved club members, markets, and chefs any eggs this week. We wish you all safety and comfort during this difficult storm.

#12 At Least One Guy Is Enjoying The Texas Blackouts


#13 Texas Winter Storm

Lola Gomez

Part of the White Rock Lake on Garland Rd frozen as a winter storm brings snow and freezing temperatures to North Texas on Feb. 15, 2021, in Dallas

#14 Guess I’ll Wait Till Next Week


#15 Left The Faucet Dripping To Keep The Pipes From Freezing. It Didn’t Work Out. Taylor, Texas


#16 Dinner Prep By Headlamp! This Is Unreal


#17 Plowing Snow With A Cardboard TV Box


#18 Winter Storm in Texas