These Animals Are Always There for Their Hoomans

We know that we’re responsible for our domesticated pets but sometimes our pets behave like they’ve domesticated us and decided to take care of us, their humans. They are always next to us, giving us all the love and support we need. But they have no idea, how much they brighten our lives, and we appreciate this a lot.

Below we have some wonderful examples. Enjoy 🙂

Being as close as possible

© Paramedic351468 / Reddit

“8 months ago, our son got a support dog. Our son was mostly wheelchair dependent. We hoped his dog would help him grow stronger.”

© YourNameWisely / Reddit

“My husband has been working from home since March 27, but Marty still waits for him at the front door at 5 p.m. every day.”

© beyoncetofupadthai / Reddit

“Shh, don’t tell them I’m here.”

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The best companions ever

© ChunkyLittleSquirrel / Reddit

“I will help you with this.”

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Fluffy knows everything about forecasts.

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All puppies like to cuddle.

© digdilem / Reddit

“Today we surprised nana with a new best friend! As you can see they’re quite comfortable already.”

© phobisgracias / Reddit

Brushing your teeth together is always fun.

© Ienjoycereal / Imgur

“This supportive kitten is letting her mom know she’s doing a good job.”

© drmrcaptain888 / Reddit

Instructions for being good boys

© wircho / Reddit

“This one time my grandma fell and my cat Colin looked after her until the ambulance came.”

© lalalazz / Reddit

This hooman’s shoulder is the most comfortable place to sit.

© beefsquatch5 / Reddit

Hugs say more than words.

© lnfinity / Reddit

“He’s taken to holding my hand. I promised myself I wasn’t gonna cry…”

© rbt_rndll / Reddit

“No one messes with my niece.”

© goumama / Reddit

Pocket kitty

© thekadirakgul / Twitter

“All 3 boys ‘help’ me get ready for work every morning.”

© bayranger / Reddit

Photographer “Time Travels” by Photoshopping Herself into Old Celebrity Photos

Have you ever imagined if you could go back in time and take a picture with famous people? If yes, you will probably enjoy a similar series in 2013, called “Time Travel” created by an artist, Flora. She is a young fine art photographer from Hungary. She uses exquisite photo manipulation in order to create surreal images that are thematically focused on identity, relationships, and dreams. However, today we will mainly focus on how she discovers the possibilities of the well known “selfie” phenomenon with famous people. Let’s admit that it would be pretty difficult to explain the concept of a selfie to a person from the 20th century. But this fact makes these series even more interesting!

“After the first official picture of a black hole was released last week, I decided to look into the Theory of relativity and I’ve been wondering how cool it was, if I could travel faster than the speed of light, ergo I could travel back in time. While I’ve been making a “selfie” with Albert Einstein (photoshopping myself into a picture of him) I decided to celebrate this amazing discovery with a series of pictures, where I travel back in time. ” writes Flora in her website.

Check out the gallery below. Also, tell us in the comment section below; If you could go back in time who would you like to take a selfie with?

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#1 Marilyn Monroe

Flora Borsi

#2 Mahatma Gandhi

Flora Borsi

#3 John Lennon

Flora Borsi

#4 Salvador Dali

Flora Borsi

#5 Albert Einstein

Flora Borsi

#6 Sigmund Freud

Flora Borsi

#7 Audrey Hepburn

Flora Borsi

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