March 2, 2021

19-Year-Old Vlogger Easily Fools the Internet by Pretending He Is Rich on Instagram

It is so easy to fool someone or get fooled in social media. That virtual life we create to hide our reality, imperfections, lifestyle, it’s a kind of marketing we create to promote ourselves in society.

The more active you are and share about your life, the more people follow you and give you the attention you think you need. Seeing what the world has come to, people try to get adjusted and fight their way to the top of what is currently trending.

One fine example of that is a 19-year-old vlogger, Byron Denton who faked being rich on social media for a week.

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               Image credits: tbhbyron

His project was all an experiment to see how easy it would be to fake a rich life in social media, and all just for the price of an editing app. It is a fact that the world is becoming more materialistic every day and more, everyone is uploading pictures of their vacation, what their eating, drinking, wearing.

              Image credits: tbhbyron

Shockingly, it was super easy to achieve his goal and play with people’s minds. His pictures showed him wearing designer clothes, shopping at Louis Vuitton, sitting on a private jet, and all other activities you’d expect to see on a celebrity or influencer’s Instagram.

By conducting this experiment he could see how much more followers he was gaining, and the fact that he would get more likes in the pictures where he’d be seen wearing designer clothes, than ordinary stuff.

                Image credits: tbhbyron

His inspiration came from fellow YouTuber George Mason, who had faked going on a vacation for a week. He wanted to take another approach and see if people would fall for that, proving once again that social media is for real an intoxicating drug.

                  Image credits: tbhbyron

“I’d always wondered if the reason people are so obsessed with celebrities was due to the fact they can afford to live a life not everyone can,” said Denton. And as it turns out, that is one big reason that pushes people to follow those high profile celebrities, to see what it means to be rich.

                  Image credits: tbhbyron

Denton was getting a lot of messages from followers, even from his family members asking him if he’d won the lottery to suddenly be able to afford this kind of lifestyle. The teenager surely seemed to be having a great time, having everything most people today want.

It might seem impossible to fake something so good, but it is possible and very easy in fact. All you need is to master some photoshopping skills and you’re all set.  Brandon used a combination of three apps to achieve the wanted results. FaceTune, PicsArt, and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for the finishing touches. Denton explained he would superimpose two images together using FaceTune and PicsArt.

The average time for each fake shoot was around 45 minutes from shooting to editing, and to make it easier for us he explained his process step by step.

Firstly, strike a pose in front of Louie Vuitton store.

Secondly, everyone loves a good boomerang.

And thirdly, you’re already a model, likes and comments come flooding now.

After a week of being in this celebrity spotlight, living the life of his dreams, he decided to expose himself on his YouTube channel, letting people see the real image behind all the edits he did, and the reason why he did it.