April 14, 2021

20 Animal Expressions That Perfectly Sum Up What It’s Like To Be A Mother

Do you ever think about the other side of motherhood, the side that they try not to show? Well, motherhood is not all sunshine and rainbows, especially when the mother is tired or stressed out. Just think how many sleepless nights, added responsibility, less time for yourself, etc. Would you be smiling all the time? Of course not. Don’t take this wrong, motherhood is a beautiful thing and totally worth all the sacrifices, but like everything else, it has a downside. Below we have some pictures of animals’ expressions perfectly capture what “the other side” of motherhood looks like.

This is My Life Now


Zoe is So Excited to Be a New Mom!


Angry Dad Cat Liked To Sit In The Sink By Himself…Until The Kittens Found Him




This Is Not What I Expected

Looks Like Mommy’s Having A Blast

The Moment You Realize You Don’t Want Children

My Cat Recently Had Kittens, Her Face Is Priceless


The “First Time Mom” Look

Aaargh, They Are Running Away!

 Are You Done Yet?


Aaargh, They Are Running Away!

But Mooom! :p

Well Hello There


Worn Out Kitty

I Feel Kind Of… Trapped

Always Loving On One Of The Babies.

When Your Kids Attack And Stop You Strolling Full Stop In The Middle Of The Door Way

Poor Mom Felt Asleep Just Like That