20 Dumb Conversations People Eavesdropped Accidentally

One thing that makes us special as human is the way we think. We all have our own opinions, stories, which we often share with family, friends. But, not everything is meant to be shared. Maybe something are better to just stay locked inside our brain. Not everything sounds as good as they do in there.

However, we all accidentally eavesdrop someone else’s conversation, which in most of the cases leaves us wondering “what is wrong with these people?” A lot of these moments people have witnessed ended up in the “What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard someone say? subreddit.

A reddit user, u/Vinyl_BunBuns, asked this question, and thousands of people had something to say. Although, it might be rude to eavesdrop on people like that, sometimes you just can’t help it. On the other hand, it’s hilarious when we hear some really juicy stuff people share with each other in daily basis.

Today, we have compiled a list of some of the most hilarious and dumbest things people have shared in this subreddit. Scroll down below to check them out. Also let us know in the comments if you ever heard any crazy stories like that.



Work at a hotel. Guest asked why there was no fourth of July parade or any fireworks in town. We were in Australia. – lavernican


A few years ago leading up to the great American eclipse a coworker overheard us discussing it and said “Y’all don’t actually believe in that [stuff] do you?” I figured he misunderstood whatever we were talking about and thought we were talking about mysticism or something regarding the eclipse but no he followed up with “Don’t you know if the moon went into the sun it would melt, that’s why the eclipse can’t be real.”

I genuinely felt like humanity should probably start over from scratch after that. – valhallaswyrdo



“Was ww2 the cold one or the Asian one?” – -nope101



some girl once told me that it was impossible for me to be vietnamese bc vietnam was a war and not a country. this happened while in college smh – 000Rohit




Mélanie Barboni

The moon is much better than the sun because it’s up at night illuminating while the sun is up during the day when it’s allready bright.-jroc_


A girl in my class asked why do farms exist if she gets her food from the supermarket.The teacher had such a disappointed face and everyone looked at her and wondered how did she pass the all the way through the 8th grade.-Adron-the-survivor




emilov98,Lenny DiFranzaReport

My sister panicked whilst on a plane and asked if she could open a window as she was feeling really hot – the guy in the seats across from her lost it, it made his day.




“If you’re an atheist, that means you’re not allowed to use the Roman calendar because it was invented by Christians.” schnit123


Why don’t vegans eat fish? They aren’t animals.- pirolance·


Watching star wars in high school with some girl says, ” when did this happen?” I said it was made in the 70s , confused on what she meant. she said ” no, the space war, when did we have a space war?” me n my buddy almost died-joeyjojo-shabadoo


Someone tried to convince me that snakes don’t have bones. I showed him some pictures of snake skeletons and he said “yeah they have ribs, not bones”- cheeeeeeeeto


‘Can’t we just exterminate all bacteria and viruses so we can’t get sick anymore?’

Literally heard someone say this in Microbiology class. MICROBIOLOGY CLASS!- maskedghostwolf·






“It’s been proven that if you dream about falling and hit the ground in your dream you will die in your sleep.”

Yeah? If someone dies in their sleep, how do you know what they were dreaming? – FrankieMint


When I was like 13 I told my friend that there was such a thing as a Liger. They had successfully mated a lion and a tiger. His response “you idiot, tigers ARE female lions”


We took the argument to his mother to settle it. She took his side. – Waffle_Ambasador




,Tobias Begemann

It’s not cheating if you don’t love the person –Sissonater

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