25 Hideous Home Designs That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Home

There’s a fine line between form and function when it comes to good home design. When we’re remodeling, a lot depends on what we’re trying to get done, but nowadays people tend to go for a simple, aesthetic yet modern design, but some people throw the rulebook out of the window, and then they wing it.

Here are some horrible examples of design, which will make you feel better about having to stay locked in your lovely home during this pandemic.

#1 Steps That You Can’t See

#2 Up The Drain It Goes

#3 My Uncle’s House Got A Bathroom Without A Door, Literally The First Thing You See When You Enter The House

#4 My Friend’s Under-The-Stairs “Bathroom” Where The Toilet Is Diagonal And Partially Installed Into The Carpeted Wall

#5 Kitchen Made By A Sofa Maker

#6 At Least You Don’t Have To Reach For It

#7 I Almost Fell Down And Rolled My Ankle On This

#8 All It Needs Is A Jukebox And A Soda Fountain

#9 The Almighty Toilet Throne

#10 Middle Class Fridge. Lower Class Aesthetic

#11 I Can Just Imagine The Whole House Shaking Like Crazy

#12 Wash Your Hands You Animals

#13 Imagine Trying To Piss While Drunk

#14 This Shower Has Blinds Instead Of Curtains

#15 Prayers For The Contractor Who Had To Call These Homeowners And Explain They Needed A Second Set Of Front Doors Because. Math

#16 This “Form Over Function” Kitchen In My Apartment

#17 Why: 1. They Put In A Sliding Door To A Bedroom. 2. They Placed Curtains On The Outside Of It. 3. They Also Placed The Lock On The Outside

#18 My Grandma’s Bathroom

#19 This Entire Kitchen’s Counters And Backsplash Are Covered With This “Faux Mold” Tile

#20 The Queen’s Seat

#21 Neck Pain And A Head Injury Anyone?

#22 Clean Entrance

#23 The Raised Cutout Of This Ceiling Doesn’t Allow The Fan To Suck In Any Air

#24 How Would Any Of This Work

#25 Creativity

30 Times Architects Created Something So Creative And Thoughtful That It Could Only Be Labeled As ‘Friendly Architecture’

Architecture has grown a lot since the last millennium, we can now build structures we couldn’t have thought of before. Though sometimes, when we build our cities, we would prioritize the comfort of one but sacrifice another’s. A great example of this can be seen in some cities where there are a few and narrow sidewalks but many wide roads because the welfare of the cars was put on top of that of the pedestrians.

However, that’s not the case for these examples from the Friendly Architecture subreddit. Living up to its name, this group collects sightings of structures that scream “No one is left behind.” From turtle tunnels to wheelchair-accessible gardens, this list has 30 of the friendliest structures that can surely accommodate everyone that will need them.

More info: Reddit

#1 Turtle Tunnels In Japan, Protecting The Turtles Crossing Train Tracks And Stopping Trains From Derailing Due To Turtles!!

Image source: p3yeet

#2 Wheelchair Resting Spot On A Long Hill. Also A Bench In A Pinch


#3 This Drinking Fountain Allows You To Gill Your Bottle, And Saves The Extra Water For Passing Dogs

Image source: ownworldman

#4 Crab Migration Bridge, Christmas Island, Australia


#5 Wall Of Kindness, Norwich, Vermont, USA


#6 In Asia Nobody Has To Worry About Falling Into The Subway Tracks

Image source: blammycuzzing

#7 These Two Coin Lockers That Are Easily Accessible In A Wheelchair, Austria


#8 Wildlife Overpass, Trans-Canada Highway, Banff National Park, Canada. The 38 Passes And Fencing Have Reduced Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions By More Than 80%


#9 These Public Benches Are Reversible, So You Can Choose To Look At People, Or Boats

Image source: Tikimanly

#10 They Put Rails Under The Benches In This Park So You Can Always Be In The Shadow

Image source: jadedcloud

#11 Sympathetic Architecture

Image source: Desire4Gunfire

#12 Homeless Bench, Vancouver, Canada

Image source: bigredpanda_

#13 This Gate Allowing Horses And Pedestrians Not Cars

Image source: mngrpher

#14 Public Defibrillation Station, Adelaide, Australia


#15 Old City, Jerusalem Added 4km Of Wheelchair-Accessible Routes In 2019 (And Cleared It With Unesco)


#16 Mini Door At Child’s Doctor’s Office, Neat Idea!

Image source: L_Suz

#17 Cover For Bicycle Saddle So It Doesn’t Get Wet When It Rains

Image source: Jezoreczek

#18 Pool And Water Slide, Egmont Højskolen (“Folk High School”), Western Denmark


#19 Australian Wheelchair Swing!

Image source: froz3nbabies

#20 Wheelchair Friendly Sandbox


#21 Circular Footbridge Over Roundabout, Shanghai


#22 It’s Not For People But It’s Still Friendly

Image source: Zestavar

#23 These Benches That Turn Into Tables


#24 Bee Bricks: Bricks With Holes For Solitary Bees


#25 This Bus Stop Near My Home In Norway


#26 Super-Accessible Waterfront, Sirens Beach, Greece


#27 Parent + Child Library Carrel, So You Can Do Your Research And Keep Your Little One Occupied. Fairfield Library, Virginia, USA


#28 Green Man+, A Card & Traffic Light System To Give People More Time To Cross At Intersections, Singapore


#29 In Norway You Get A Small Amount Of Money For Recycling Bottles/Cans. They’re Often Collected By Poor People, Homeless Etc. A Lot Of Our Trash Cans Has These Holders Around Them So People Don’t Have To Search Through The Trash To Collect Them

Image source: beets_or_turnips

#30 Wheelchair Accessible Gardening. Used For Garden Therapy, Rehab, Hospice. Developed In Douvres-La-Délivrande, France


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