April 18, 2021

20 Interesting Artifacts Spotted in Museums Around the World

The world shut down with the pandemic. With everyone adjusting to the social distancing regulations cultural institutions, museums, galleries were also affected by the new measures. Although, many galleries and museums tried to keep their program continuing online, still the feeling it’s never the same.

It hits you totally different when you visit a museum or gallery and you’re part of it trying to learn the history of a particular period of time. It can be probably one of the most heart-wrenching things you’ve ever experienced. You can literally feel the weight of everything that happened that day on your shoulders.

It feels you can’t stand straight or take a full breath the entire time, and when you do it almost feels wrong. It can be the heaviest experience and the most humbling depending on the museum you’re visiting.

That’s why seeing these masterpieces from the comfort of your house it’s not the same, but at least it will give you a glimpse of what you can be visiting as soon as these cultural institutions open up again.

You can check out below a rich gallery of pictures people took in different galleries and museums that they found interesting..

#1 The Rosetta Stone in British Museum 

The Rosetta Stone | © insunlight/Flickr

The large stone slab dating back to 196 BC and rediscovered by Napoleon Bonaparte’s soldiers in modern-day Rashid in 1799 that helped decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics for the first time – has been a bone of contention for a number of years too. In 2003, Egyptian authorities first asked that the Rosetta Stone – which is considered one of the British Museum’s most important works – be repatriated, though the museum has yet to comply.

#2 Dead Sea Scrolls, Jerusalem, Izrael

                                 Photo: Shutterstock

Nearly 1000 manuscripts on parchment, written in Hebrew, Amharic or Greek two millennia ago and comprising some of the earliest Biblical texts and previously unknown apocrypha. They give remarkable insight into ancient Jewish life and its links to Christianity.

#3 Terracotta Warriors, Xian, China

                                    Photo: SHUTTERSTOCK

The 2000-year-old mausoleum of the first Qin emperor features serried ranks of 6000 life-size terracotta soldiers and horses in rigid battle formation. No two figures are the same, and each has a different facial expression and hair style. They were meant to guard him in the afterlife.

#4 A Firetruck Crushed By The Collapsing Of The Twin Towers At The 9/11 Museum


#5 Avanos Hair Museum

Jochen TrackGetty Images

Calling it a museum may be a bit of a stretch as its “displays” are thousands of locks of hair, all from female visitors. The story goes that the local potter was bidding farewell to a dear friend of his when he asked for something to remember her by. She cut off a piece of her hair to leave as a reminder. He put it up in his shop, and told the story to the visitors and tourists who passed through. Not to be outdone, other women who enjoyed the story left a piece of their hair as well.

#6 Sand Museum In Tottori Japan.


#7 Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments; Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Here you can explore the painful past of Europe with over 40 once-used torture devices on display and historical engravings of real-life events.

#8 The Chair Abraham Lincoln Was Assassinated In The Henry Ford Museum


#9 Jewish Museum Berlin

The Jewish Museum Berlin traces 2,000 years of German-Jewish history and culture. Housed in an architectural masterpiece by Daniel Libeskind, the museum offers exhibitions on cultural history, contemporary art installations, and special displays.

#10 Japanese Children Wearing Feces-Shaped Hats Slide Into A Giant Toilet


Simulating the magical journey of human waste matter through a virtual sewer world, at a toilet exhibition in Tokyo.

#11 This Powerful Quote At The End Of The Holocaust Museum In Washington


#12 Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, Israel


The Hall of Names in Israel’s Holocaust Museum Is an Overwhelming and Moving Tribute to the Millions of Jews Who Were Murdered During WWII.

#13 This Display In Ashmolean Museum Shows How Touching Artwork Affects Material


#14 U.S. Holocaust Museum.


#15 National Museum of Korea, Seoul, South Korea


The 10-story Gyeongcheonsa Pagoda, Constructed in 1348, Is Considered a Korean National Treasure.

#16 The Henry Ford Museum In Detroit Is Home To The Actual Bus That Rosa Parks Protested On


#17 At The Uffizi Gallery In Florence, They Have Versions Of Paintings So That Blind Visitors Can Still Enjoy The Art


#18 Palace Museum, Beijing, China

The Forbidden City, Which Houses the Palace Museum, the Most-visited Museum in the World, Is an Incredible Sight to Behold in and of Itself, but the Best Part Is the Hall of Supreme Harmony.

#19 This “Where Are You From” Map At The Aurora Museum In Reykjavík, Iceland


#20 The Two-Sided Statue Of Mephistopheles And Margaretta (19th Century) At The Salar Jung Museum In India. The Sculpture Is Carved Out Of A Single Log Of Sycamore Wood. Artist Unknown