20 Internet Scams That Turned Out to Be Super Hilarious

We all have been victims of a scam when shopping online. One thing that we keep in mind, is that nothing is really as wee see in the pictures. However, for some with a big faith, that’s not true. Often we buy things based on the pictures we see, without stopping to check the reviews and the details of the product. We know, it’s fabulous and you want it, but first make sure you’re going to get what you want. There are a lot of victims of these online scams, who had nothing to do, except swallow their mistake. It’s okay to happens once, you learn from it. And hey, you’re not the only one.

A lot of these victims of scams shared their experiences with the internet on the the r/Scams subreddit .This group counts 256k members, and this is the place where people inform each other about all kinds of scams. Today though, we’re going to focus on the shopping scams in particular.

Although, we try to be cautious about the way we’re spending our money, sometimes people are just too good at getting away with it. Below we have compiled a list of some of the worst, yet hilarious scams people decided to share.

Scroll down below for the big crack-up of the day.

1. My sister bought this dress on wish. Never buy anything from wish


2.BEWARE OF Acelote.com!


3. I paid almost 40USD for an Automatic Sprouter Machine and they sent 2 plastic recipients


4. What I ordered (left) vs. What I got (right)


5. We ordered the cake on the left and received the cake on the right. Elmo has seen better days


6. Bought This Beauty During Quarantine For $60. I Was Stoked To Get My Hands On One Since They Were Sold Out Everywhere


7. Ordered a gourmet dipped pears gift set – received overpriced bag of pears with disgusting chocolate bars (Hazelton’s Gift Baskets)


8. My poor manfriend ordered an inflatable trolling boat online. He expected mediocre quality, but what arrived exceeded his wildest expectations….


9. This guy bought a smartphone online but received a stone


10. Bought dust filters for my PC, got this instead from AliExpress, LMAO


11. What was ordered vs. What was received. Pretty disappointing


12. I ordered a meditation book from amazon and every page just says “Inhale” and “Exhale”


13. Dad made the classic mistake of buying something on amazon without checking it’s size. We now have two 10 foot lamps


14. as a reminder, don’t buy anything from an Instagram ad


15. Ordered online and was sent only one right shoe. They “fixed” the issue by sending me two more right shoes


16. I ordered a 6ft tall rainbow tree from a Facebook ad and this is what showed up. I’m crying from laughing so hard, I’ve never had this happen in real life


17. Mom ordered steps for the dog. What she thought she ordered vs. What she got


18. What we ordered vs. What we got (feat. My dog)


19. So today I received my airpods from amazon. God these are huge


20. Online vs. when it arrived


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Climate Change Signs: How Do We Know?

Our climate is changing around us faster than predicted. From more frequent and extreme storms to unprecedented heatwaves, we’re indeed feeling the impacts of human-caused global warming. The icebergs are melting, various locations are experiencing greater flooding, wildfires are happening more frequently, and so on.

Specifically, scientists have studied past climate changes to understand the factors that can cause the planet to warm or cool. The big ones are changes in solar energy, ocean circulation, volcanic activity as well as the number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Thus, they have each played a role at times. However, human activities are not an exception since it is believed to be main contributors to such increases in average global temperatures

And although we’re all concerned about climate change when it looks like a problem for future generations, we still ask ourselves, ‘will climate change even affect me?’ No matter what we care about, climate change is already affecting our world today. While we still have time to limit the worst impact, we have collected 15 great reasons to start acting now.

These photos illustrate the state of the planet and our climate, as it has changed over the past decade. They reveal how much seriously we must consider the climate change issues!

#1 Climate change weakens forests


#2 Beach erosion


#3 Worsening drought


Study says the current California drought is the worst in 1,200 years. Warmer temperatures are worsening droughts.

#4 Dried forests


#5 Lonely lagoon


#6 Flooded villages


#7 Mass fish death


#8 Climate change means more floods


#9 Air pollution


#10 Disappearing ice cap


#11 Farmers feel the affects


#12 Wildfires


#13 Starving animals


#14 Melting snow

#15 Hurricanes


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