May 11, 2021

20 ‘Mildly Interesting’ Pictures That Share the Perfect Balance Between Interesting and Uninteresting

You’ve seen our share of ‘mildly interesting things’. So far we’ve had quite some examples which you can see here, and here. And today we have prepared another interesting collection for you. These images you’re about to see below are all a fruit of a large online community in Reddit, r/mildlyinteresting, with over 18.8 members. It is that perfect place when everyone gets to have their say, and post whatever they think is interesting. For some people it is, for some, it might not be, but the name itself lets you know what to expect.

Created in 2012, this online group has been increasing in the number of followers a lot on Reddit and it’s kinda crazy when you think how comparatively little it offers. The content isn’t “the most interesting, is not even “really” interesting, it’s simply “mildly” interesting, which makes them a perfect balance between two poles of the world, interesting, which is rare, and uninteresting, which is all too common.

Scroll down below to see the pictures we selected, and if you want more, make sure to visit this subreddit.

1. A guy I saw fishing in his boat on a very foggy day… 


2. Septic truck i got stuck behind the other day.


3. My frozen lemonade was so full, you can’t tell I removed the lid already. 


4. This sunset looks like a wildfire, southern Finland today


5. This sweet potato is both orange and white. 


6. This is a photo of me wearing a homemade Viking watermelon helmet. 


7. There was a small windstorm this weekend at the same exact time the flowers were ready to drop 


8. This potato looks like a penguin sliding on its belly 


9. My banana appears to have stitched its wound shut. 


10. My car recently hit 69,420 miles 


11.  A 50MP image of our Moon captured from my Terrace. 


12. Blind dates prevent you from judging a book by its cover 


13. 40 year old chocolate chips from 1981 found in Great Grandmas freezer. Yikes! 


14. Went for a walk down a trail the other day and came across a fairy home 


15. 1957 3D picture viewer from my Grandparents wedding


16.  In Sweden there are road crossing signs with both male and female figures. 


17. Found a grenade in the garden, had a visit from the army bomb disposal unit 


18. I used the same urinal as Quentin Tarantino 


19. The air vents on a subway in Stockholm have a hidden Pacman easter egg 


20. I was born without finger or toe prints.


21. I genuinely thought my car was hovering over the parking

22. 3D Printed Julius Caesar Pencil Holder