April 19, 2021

20+ Moments When Pets Shamelessly Stole Their Owner’s Partners

When it comes to pets, sometimes you just can’t compete with them. The happiness they are able to bring to a human being, it’s far bigger than what we can offer to one another sometimes. They will steal your partner, and after they do they give you that smug look shamelessly proud of what they’ve done.

For a lot of people, it’s weird to hear how an animal can create a deeper connection with someone they just met compared to the person that regularly takes care of them, but that happens quite often and below we have proof of that.

Here’s a collection of some of the best photos that prove how unabashedly pets monopolize the attention that our loved ones should be lavishing us with!

#1 My Cat Absolutely Adores My Boyfriend


#2 I Heard My BF Explaining A Game To Someone, He Was Really Excited About It. When I Went Back To The Room, This Is What I Saw


#3 My Boyfriend And My Cat Have A Special Bond. I Feel Like The Third Wheel


#4 When Your Boy Is Stealing Your Girl


#5 This Is How My Cat Waits For My Boyfriend To Come Home


#6 I Went Away For 3 Weeks, And Now My Cat Is In Love With My Husband


#7 My GF And I Usually Hold Hands When We’re Watching TV. Tonight Felt A Little Furrier Than Normal. Looked Down To Find This


#8 My Girlfriends Cat Has Decided He Is Obsessed With Me And Now We Wake Up Like This Every Morning


#9 Woke Up To Find My Boyfriend And Our Dog Sound Asleep Like This


#10 You All Deserve Someone In Your Lives Who Looks At You The Same Way My Cat Looks At My Boyfriend


#11 “Back Off, He’s Mine Now”


#12 My BF And Dog When They Play A Video Game


#13 BF: “You’re Paranoid, The Cat Definitely Doesn’t Love Me More.” BF: Closes Door. Cat:


#14 Caught My GF Taking Selfies With My Dog. The Shade He Throws Me At The End Hurt Me


#15 My Beautiful GF Has Never Looked At Me This Way


#16 I Just Woke Up And Realized That I’m The Third Wheel


#17 Here’s My Shoulder Kitten Watching The Mandalorian With My BF


#18 Daisy Adores My Boyfriend. I’m Pretty Sure He’s Her Boyfriend Now


#19 My Dog Showing My Girlfriend That I’m His


#20 My Wife And Our Dog Marty As I Was Leaving For Work This Morning


#21 This Is His “I Stole Your Girl” Face


#22 Can We All Just Appreciate This Photo Of My Dog’s Reaction To A Hug From My Boyfriend


#23 My Girlfriend’s Dog And I Had A Moment


#24 My Cat Trying To Seduce My Boyfriend


#25 Came Home And Found My Girl In Bed With Another Man