April 21, 2021

20 Times People Didn’t Get the Food They Paid for

Have you ever gone grocery shopping, looking forward to coming home and cook something delicious? Especially when you’re hungry, just the idea of food makes you excited. However, there are some unfortunate moments when you go buy stuff just to come home and see that’s the opposite of what you paid for.

We all have accepted the fact that a bag of chips is mostly air, but have you ever seen a can of beans with only water and no beans in it? Or a blueberry waffle without blueberries? Or an ice cream cone without a cone? The disappointment is endless.

Whoever makes sure for that food to go on sale, should seriously be punished.

And if you think we’re overreacting, just scroll down below to see some major mistakes people purchased accidentally.

1. New banana for scale 


2. An ice cream cone without a cone 


3. A blueberry waffle with a single blueberry 


4. This was supposed to be a can full of beans, but we got this instead. 


5. This is a crime !!


6. So thankful for my singular candy topping


7. My chocolate chip granola bar only has one chocolate chip


8. This infuriating avocado 


9. An all yellow bag of skittles 


10.  So much for the cranberries on this bread 


11. I Bought A Case Of 7-Up Last Night, And One Of The Cans Was Completely Sealed, But Only Filled With Air


12. This bag of broccoli really stands up to its name                                     imgur.com

13. When you buy a steak at the dollar store 


14. Street cheese burger 


15. A disappointing watermelon 


16. Dear Chocolate Factory People, you forgot.

              dammit james madison

17. SpongeBob spent to much time above water 


18. An egg without yolk 


19. When the greens are missing 


20. Wendy’s fast food fail