April 22, 2021

20+ Wholesome Photos Of Rescued Pets To Give Us Some Warmth During This Quarantine

Everyone deserves a second chance – including animals. Whether they have been lost, abandoned, or given up, the critters people meet at shelters are all unwanted and helpless. And we can change that by adopting them.

There are only a few other choices you can make in life that can feel as rewarding as saving a life. And it’s not just you who’s reaping the benefits of finding a new best friend. Rescuing a pet also frees up shelter space so more animals can get the care they need, and, most importantly, someone very miserable becomes very, very, very happy.

And to see a visual representation of these happy faces, below we bring a compiled list of heartwarming adopted animals, which we hope will inspire you to adopt one yourself, and make this quarantine feel less cold.

1. Just Adopted This Pupper From A Shelter, Although This Is Cute I’m Teaching Her Not To Jump On Counters


“By adopting an animal in need – no matter the species, breed, or size – you may be saving that animal’s life as well as freeing up valuable shelter space and resources for other animals in need,” Kelly DiCicco, Manager, Adoptions Promotions at the ASPCA Adoption Center. “A huge benefit of adopting animals from a shelter is that shelter staff know the animals well and can provide detailed information about an animal’s history, medical needs, behavior, and temperament. They also consider a potential adopter’s lifestyle, home environment, and the animal’s potential compatibility with children and other animals in the home in order to make matches that are a good fit.”

About 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. And among those, roughly 3.3 million are dogs and 3.2 million are cats. The good news is that according to ASPCA estimates, the number of dogs and cats entering U.S. shelters annually has declined from approximately 7.2 million in 2011. If you want to contribute to lowering these numbers and rescue an animal, you can find general adoption tips or a local shelter in your area at ASPCA.

2. The NYPD Rescued This Large Bunny!

DiCicco encourages those who are seriously interested in taking home a new pet to keep an open mind and heart when visiting a shelter or rescue as they may walk out with a pet they’d never considered before, like a senior animal or even those of a different breed, size or species. “When it comes to choosing which pet to adopt, prospective adopters should feel comfortable asking plenty of questions and lean on shelter staff for guidance, as every shelter has a unique population of animals and no one knows them like the people who work with them every day,” Kelly said. “Plus, shelter staff have expertise in making successful matches and can help prospective adopters decide whether an animal is a good personality and lifestyle fit. They also consider each animal’s background and energy level, as well as how the animal might get along with other people and pets in the home.”

3. Two Years After Adoption And Still Getting Floofier By The Day


However, the coronavirus pandemic that is currently ravaging our world is also putting an immense strain on shelters all over the US. “Because this is an unprecedented and ever-changing situation, each shelter is facing unique challenges specific to its communities,” DiCicco explained. “Many shelters are facing reduced staff and volunteer support, which is putting animals in desperate need of temporary or permanent sheltering outside the four walls of typical adoption centers and shelters.”

For example, Sarah Bhimani, a spokesperson for Animal Humane Society, said that the organization has made the difficult decision to temporarily close all four of their shelters to the public through May 2 and only provide limited services, such as accepting surrendered/stray animals, providing limited veterinary services, and continuing humane investigations. “As our shelters were scheduled to close, we saw an outpouring of support from our community and experienced some record days of adoptions. The majority of remaining animals are being cared for by foster volunteers until the shelters reopen, and a small group of staff are caring for animals that must stay at the shelter for medical or behavioral reasons.”

4. My Friends Recently Adopted Pup


But with everything going on in the world right now, Bhimani reassured that animals in need are not forgotten. “We’re still here to help the most vulnerable animals in our community, and we encourage others to get involved too at animalhumanesociety.org

One of the ways people can help during these difficult times is fostering. “[It] can give you the opportunity to single-handedly change an animal’s life for the better and is a rewarding experience for those who choose to become caregivers,” DiCicco said. “There’s no place like a loving home to get a dog or cat used to the sights, sounds, and experiences that will set them up for a successful future adoption.”

5. Just Adopted My First Rats Last Week. It’s So Great Seeing Them Come Out Of Their Shells


6. Reddit, Meet Finn! He’s Making Social Distancing A Little Easier 🙂


7. Last Week Was The Purrrfect Time To Adopt A Kitten. She Sends You Teeny Kisses



9. Sonny Is A Rescue From A Bad Owner. He Has A Lot Of Health Problems But He’s Very Proud Of His Remaining Tooth!


10. Saw These Two Boys Up For Adoption At The Local Pet Supply Store. Their Names Are Honda And Civic


11. My Brother’s Rescues, Addie & Chase


12. Signing Over The Adoption Papers Today For My New Baby, Moo. Any And All Tips And Advice Are Welcome!


13. This Good Boi Showed Up One Year Ago Tonight. He Rescued Us As Much As He Was Rescued


14. 3 Years Ago I Adopted This Old Guy. Today He’s 14 And Doing Better Than Ever!


15. Found Him On A Beach In Russia. Brought Him Back Home To The States. He Adopted Me


16. My Mom Adopted An Outdoor Cat After It Gave Birth To Some Kittens And Wanted To Give It Some Shelter


17. Just Adopted Cotton! Her Favourite Hobbies Are Cosplaying As Plants And Taking Naps In Random Places


18. Can’t Have Kids, So I Adopted


19. Just Adopted This Handsome Boy Yesterday


20. I Think I Adopted A Vampire


21. My GF Wanted To Adopt A Kitten, I Said Not Now. As Compromise Here’s The Kitten


22. My Grandmother (87) With Her Newly Adopted Senior Peanut (14) On Their Way Home From Foster Care Today

6 days ago

23. Shelter Dog Cannot Contain Her Excitement About Getting Adopted


24. Harvey’s Skinny Body Was Found Abandoned In A Ditch, Soaking Wet, And Dotted With Cigarette Burns. He Was Infested With Fleas, Anemic, And Starving. One Look At His Little Face And I Knew Had To Adopt Him. Fast Forward 5 Years, He’s Now A Confident, Happy, Healthy Boi With A Career In Modelling


25. I Didn’t Know Cats Could Have Such A Wide Range Of Emotion Until I Adopted Leonardo Dicatprio


26. Wife Wanted A Cat. I Said No, So We Compromised And Got A One-Eyed Cat


27. Adopted Coco The Ginger And Came Back A Week Later To Get Her Brother Tux As We Couldn’t Bear To Leave Him Behind. They Are The Best Of Friends!