2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards With Some Hilarious Entries

An owl dangling precariously from a branch has scooped the overall prize of this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Out of the 3,500 entries, Tibor Kercz won the overall prize with his series of images showing an owl losing its footing and trying to claw its way back on to a branch.

Other entrants included a yawning dormouse, a photobombing sea turtle and a rather shocked seal.

Chosen from five categories—On the LandUnder the SeaIn the Air, the Portfolio Category, and one Overall Winner—prizes include a THINK TANK camera bag, a handmade trophy from the people of Tanzania’s Wonder Workshop, a certificate, and (unofficially) the pride of knowing their image will bring a smile to people all over the world.

If you’d like to support the Born Free Foundation, you can buy the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards’ new book full of exclusive, unseen entries—10% of the book’s sales goes to helping their cause. And for those who can’t wait to see more funny animals, you can find other entries via the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards website.

Along with the other prizes, Kercz will also win an all-inclusive Kenyan safari trip, courtesy of Alex Walker’s Serian and Kenya Airways.

Take a look at all the winning photos from the competition.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

“Monkey Escape” by Katy Laveck Foster

“Cheering Sea Otter” by Penny Palmer

“Must Have Three-putted…” by Douglas Croft

“WTF?” by George Cathcart

“Eh, What’s up doc?” by Olivier Colle

“Animal Encounters” by Jean-Jacques Alcalay

“Hitching a Ride” by Daisy Gilardini

“Mudskipper’s Got Talent” by Daniel Trim

“All Dressed And Ready For Church” by Carl Henry

“Caught in the Act” by Bence Mate

The On the Land prize was awarded to Andrea Zampatti who snapped this adorable image of a delighted tiny field mouse perched on a flower.

“The Laughing Dormouse” by Andrea Zampatti

Troy Mayne’s photo of a fish being slapped by a grumpy sea turtle won the prize for the Under the Sea category.

“Slap” by Troy Mayne

John Threlfall was awarded the In the Air prize for his photograph of four birds soaring through the sky, with one appearing to fly at supersonic speed.

“Duck Speed!” by John Threlfall

Tibor Kercz was awarded the Overall Winner title, as well as the Portfolio Winner for his comical photo series of a clumsy owl who loses its footing on a branch…

“The Rovingness 1” by Tibor Kercz

“The Rovingness 2” by Tibor Kercz

“The Rovingness 3” by Tibor Kercz

“The Rovingness 4” by Tibor Kercz

‘Dogspotting’ – The Cutest Instagram Account (50 Pics)

We all love some extra animal content on the internet. I mean.. who can get enough of these adorable creatures that make our life better? Not us at least. Whoever has a dog, is like those new moms that can’t stop posting pictures of their babies on the internet. And since internet is the place that gathers people with all kinds of challenges, these lovely creatures have been involved in many of them.

Dogspotting is just that – an Instagram account where the manager shares photos of various dogs. And it’s just as pure as it sounds. The account has 46.4k followers. It is dedicated to spotting, photographing, and sharing photos of random dogs. It’s also “a fun place to hang out with friends who enjoy dogs.” From the cutest pic to the silliest one, there’s basically everything you will need to see to make your day better. Some dogs just have those extra squishy cheeks that you can’t stop squashing. Therefore, scroll down below to check them out and upvote your favorite pic.

More Info: Facebook (Dogspotting) | Facebook (Dogspotting Society) | Instagram | Twitter

#1 Guys this is Jackson and he just came to my work.

#2 Why is life upside down?

#3 I got your back…

#4 Family goals.

#5 Bring me my coffee!

#6 A 2 month old angel

#7 Awesome Corg in a cup

#8 Tickets, please!

#9 Shhhh.. don’t stare at me!

#10 My new friend

#11 Say Hi to Blue!

#12 King of the pub!

#13 The best little customer, for sure…

#14 Met Arnold today. He is seventeen.

#15 You are my heart in animal form

#16 Stay quiet folks. Let me sleep!

#17 The gang is here!

#18 I finally managed to park my car. Yayy!

#19 Hi people!

#20 Let’s take a walk together!

#21 Please, don’t walk away. Stay here with me!

#22 I wanna be your friend!

#23 Not lost, just hungry!

#24 Heyyy, can’t you see me? I am here!

#25 We are about to take a nap!

#26 Find a better trio, we will wait!

#27 10/10 best hotel receptionist

#28 I just came here to brighten up your day!

#29 He deserves to be put even in a wallpaper!

#30 Yup. The monster is real!

#31 Too much cuteness to handle!

#32 Puparazzi

#33 Whatss up!

#34 I simply feel comfortable in my car

#35 A dog or a Christmas tree?

#36 I am Miso and I love to monch!

#37 Dolly is so sweet. I bet you all agree!

#38 My hair is too long. I can barely see the road!

#39 Montana thinking about a strategic plan!

#40 What did you say? I can’t stay focused!

#41 Impatiently waiting for my order…

#42 Meet Burt. Small but cute!

#43 Tofu enjoys staying on my hand!

#44 There’s nothing like sleep!

#45 Meet Bee. You should definitely visit him at the shop!

#46 An enjoyable visit at central park with BABY

#47 Am I cute?

#48 Go ahead and tell me about your day. I am all ears!

#49 The cutest pharmacy assistant ever!

#50 I nearly died…

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