April 18, 2021

20 Companies Who Failed at Re-designing Their Logos

Change is good, it means your working towards something new. It doesn’t have to be a major change, it cut be a hair dye or some new wardrobe shopping. Every individual looks for it at some point in their lives, and if you don’t feel comfortable with the new, you simply go back to the old one.

But among them are also the big companies that often get stuck with the changes they’ve done. They create a whole new image to show to the public, and they can’t take it back just like that if their project doesn’t score a success.

This was noticed by a Twitter user  Liz Franczak who shared a photo comparing the old Warner Bros logo to the new one, criticizing its appearance, and it didn’t take long for that to go viral.

People started to compare the logos of some of the big companies who have done a worse job trying to change them. Check them out below all those companies who left people disappointed with their updated logos.

#1 Burger King

                   Image source: Burger King

#2 Pringles

               Image source: Pringles

#3 Gmail

              Image source: Gmail

#4 Holiday Inn

                Image source: Holiday Inn

#5 Staples

               Image source: Staples

#6 Warner Bros

                  Image source: Warnerbros

#7 J.m. Smucker
                Image source: J.M. Smucker

#8 Starbucks

                     Image source: Starbucks

#9 Nickelodeon

             Image source: Nickelodeon

#10 Petco

              Image source: Petco

#11 General Motors

               Image source: General Motors

#12 Google

             Image source: Google

#13 Bmw

                Image source: BMW

#14 Wendy’s

             Image source: Wendy’s

#15 Pepsi

                    Image source: Pepsi

#16 Olive Garden

               Image source: Olive Garden

#17 Mountain Dew

                Image source: Mountain Dew

#18 Best Western

              Image source: Best Western

#19 Hellofresh

               Image source: HelloFresh

#20 Wawa

              Image source: Wawa