April 18, 2021

23+ Pics of Cats That Look Like Birds in Trees

Cats are known to sleep between 12 to 16 hours per day, in different locations like grape trees, pine trees, cherry trees, tissue boxes, wine glasses, winter shoes, terrariums, flower pots, and laundry racks. Sometimes, it’s the sleeping positions that catch the eye on the head, upside down, all stretched and curved, or using a dog as a pillow.

This time we’re talking about cats sleeping in trees just like birds. Some cats look like they have been raised by birds. We can say that cats and trees go together like Fall and pumpkin spice lattes.




According to cat behaviorist Ingrid, cats seek height for a lot of different reasons, “Height provides comfort and security and the ability to survey a lot of territory from a single vantage point. Climbing a tree or a cat condo for our indoor-only friends provides a sense of safety,” she explained.

Height also creates more usable territory and allows cats to avoid conflict with other cats. So an outdoor cat may climb a tree to escape an attacker (a rival neighborhood cat or a dog!), the same reason an indoor cat might bolt up a cat tree or perch on top of the kitchen cabinets if appropriate climbing places are not provided.”

Also, cats can chase their prey, like a squirrel, chipmunk, or a bird, up a tree. But cats also climb to hang out, to take a nap, and for fun! “They condition their claws and muscles by scratching and climbing. We call these ‘feel-good’ behaviors. In fact, many indoor cats never get a chance to condition/hone their back claws because few cat condo companies provide a straight vertical pole to climb.


She continued: “Which is exactly why my husband, Jake and I provide the market with a six-foot, wall mounted scratch pole. There are virtually none on the market, we have multiples of these in our home and our cats climb them regularly. It is a great way to mimic a tree for an indoor cat. Just always be sure to provide a way for them to get down.”

Cats are not squirrels,” she said. “If you take a look at a cat’s nail, it is hook-shaped, made for climbing, but they cannot come straight back down the tree. They would have to come down backward, jump down, or descend using a series of branches like stairs.”