May 11, 2021

25 Doppelgängers of Celebrities That It’s Hard to Tell Them Apart

It is believed that for every living person, there’s another replica of them in the world that looks almost alike. Known also as doppelgängers, it’s common that in a populated world with over 7 billion people, there are two that will look alike. Something that’s even better is when we actually meet our doppelgängers, and if you haven’t met them so far, see below all the people that have.

Public figures as well have found their double in the world. A lot of famous actors,  politicians, and many more have a double somewhere in the world that lives life so differently from them. From a Mexican Morgan Freeman serving you tacos to a female Jay-Z, scroll down below to see these people that look exactly like the celebrity we know.

1.  Liam Hamsworth and Russian athlete Karen Khachanov 


2.  Marilee  Lessley has been Reese’s body double for five movies (and now Big Little Lies). 


3. Amethyst Rose (on the right), Lady Gaga‘s teenage twin. 

Amethyst Rose  Lady Gaga

4. Mexican,  Sofia Solares (right)

Sofia Solares Selena Gomez

5.  Bodybuilder Jennifer Lopez, Janice Garay

                                                        Jennifer Lopez, Janice Garay

6. Japanese Johnny Depp 

Splash News And Picture Agency

7. Ed Sheeran and Ty Jones 


8. Jacky Vasquez and Ariana Grande 

Jacky Vasquez Ariana Grande 

9. Angelina Jolie and Melissa Baizen 

              Angelina Jolie, Melissa Baizen

10. Turkish George Clooney

11. Female Jay-Z 

12. Kate Middleton and Heidi Agan 

katemiddletonphotos , Heidi Agan 

13. Kim Kardashian West and Kamilla Osman 

 kimkardashian  ,  kamiosman 

14. Mexican Morgan Freeman Serving You Tacos  


15. Leonardo DiCaprio and Konrad Annerud 

leonardodicapriofeed konradannerud

16. Russian Plumber Hugh Laurie 


17. Megan Fox and Cláudia Alende 

 meganfox, claudiaalende 

18. Brazilian Danny DeVito


19. My Buddy Is Getting His Place Painted By Asian Brad Pitt 


20. Emma Stone and her random look-alike 


21. Indonesian Barrack Obama 

The Associated Press

22. Russian Leonardo Di Caprio In The Ministry Of The Interior Of The Russian Federation 


23. This guy in Egypt looks like Kanye. His name is Kanye East 


24. Macedonian Britney Spears

25. Indian Bradley Cooper