April 23, 2021

25 Images Gone Wrong With Panoramic View That Will Crack You Up

Every smartphone user it’s familiar with the panorama functionality. When you wanna take pictures in this mode, the camera basically takes a bunch of pictures as you slowly move your hand from the left to right, or vice-versa, and compresses these pictures into a single one.

This way you’re able to see the whole surrounding environment in one picture.

While taking a picture like this, you have to keep a steady hand and focus on a starting object. To get a nice shot, usually, there are tens behind it that just suck. While some can come out completely messy and some of them are completely hilarious.

Below we have collected some of the funniest panoramic mode pictures people have captured, check them out, and share them with people for a good laugh.

1. My Kid Took A Panorama Photo Of Me That Went Horribly Right


2. What Happens When You Take A Panoramic Photo And Your Dog Runs Into The Shot


3. Took A Panoramic Picture Today. Looks Like My Dad Turned Into The Hunchback


4. Panorama Face


5. My Friend Walked Into My Panorama At The Perfect Time


6.My Girlfriend Was Taking A Panorama Of Our Room And I Changed Just At The Right Time


7. So Apparently, You Can Unwrap Your Face Using Your Phone’s Panoramic Mode


8. When You Ask A Friend To Spy On Your Ex


9. So I Tried To Take A Panorama At London Fashion Week


10. Steam Cleaning Panorama Style


11. So My Kids Got The Phone….

12. My Friend Came Out Like This

13. When My Usually Sexy Girlfriend Looks Like A Beached Whale. Panoramwhale!

14. I Took A Panoramic Picture Of Our Living Room. But My Cat Decided To Walk Through


15. Don’t Panoramic Photo And Drink


16. Friend Tried To Take A Panorama Of Her Dachshund


17. Panorama Fail

18. Panorama Fail

19. Took A Photo Of Butters The Corgi While She Was Swimming On Panorama Mode. Created A Corgi-pillar


 20. Panoramic Picture Error Results In Perfect Phantom Middle Finger


21. Took A Panoramic Photo At A Museum And Ended Up Making It Look Like This Girl Has The Ultimate Selfie Hand


22. My Dog Is A Cerberus


23. To The Guy Who Is Bad At Taking Panoramas, You Are Not Alone


24. Panoramic Shot Gone Right


25. How Many People Are In This Photo?