25 Images That Depict Beautiful Moments That Often Go Unnoticed in the World

We live the same routine every day and hardly ever stop to observe the environment around us. Although we live some pretty hectic lives, still we need to keep in mind that the world around us is truly wonderful.

There are some people with sharp eyes who don’t miss any moment. Luckily, they have captured this moment and shared them on the internet for everyone to see. We can find beauty everywhere. The regain of health, the amazing landscapes around us, the astonishing shows nature offers. It’s simply just the whole positive energy that rules the world. Therefore, we dug everywhere to find this footage of things that often goes unnoticed by people.

Scroll down below to check it these little moments spotted out there that make life as wonderful as it is. As you check out these images, make sure to let us known what you think of them in the comments sections.

1. This is how the cosmetic correction of a child with Crouzon syndrome was done. He even showed a significant improvement in vision and breathing


2. What a piece of 10,000-year-old glacial ice looks like


3. Local Mexican restaurant used to be a Chinese restaurant. Instead of painting over a mural, they just put sombreros on the pandas.


4. The corrosion on this water tap looks like a map


5. The sun hit this freshly-paved tarmac just right and made a real-life Rainbow Road through polarized lenses.


6.Sendai Daikannon, one of the tallest statues in the world


7. Just when you thought you’d seen everything – here’s snowball, an extremely rare leucistic alligator


8. Pic of a Tree growing upside down in the Park of the Baths of Baia, on the shore of the Bay of Naples, Italy.


9. In England you sometimes see these “wavy” brick fences. And curious as it may seem, this shape uses FEWER bricks than a straight wall. A straight wall needs at least two layers of bricks to make is sturdy, but the wavy wall is fine thanks to the arch support provided by the waves.


10. Here are my removed & genetically modified white blood cells, about to be put back in to hopefully cure my cancer! This is t-cell immunotherapy!


11. Customer brought in a 1934 thousand dollar bill. After ten years in banking finally got to see one in person.


12. Bamboo that grew up during the pandemic without the effect of tourists’ touch


13. Sleeping Squirrels in their nest on someone’s window ledge.


14. The door is real—the rest is graffiti


15. This is what sunset looks like from space.


16. Tom Brown, retired engineer, has saved around 1,200 types of apples from extinction over 25 years.


17. Nappies in Sweden have a father on the packaging


18. I made a hidden glow-in-the-dark galaxy in my resin kitchen floor.


19. This wolf and bear pair were documented travelling, hunting and sharing food together for 10 days.


20. This albino peacock I saw in Malaysia


21. Bioluminescent phytoplankton in the Persian gulf


22.When it’s cold enough to see the melody

Kathrin Swoboda Photography

23. Horses on a plane

24. My nails pushing the chemo out of my fingertips


25. The back of da Vinci’s Mona Lisa


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Photographer “Time Travels” by Photoshopping Herself into Old Celebrity Photos

Have you ever imagined if you could go back in time and take a picture with famous people? If yes, you will probably enjoy a similar series in 2013, called “Time Travel” created by an artist, Flora. She is a young fine art photographer from Hungary. She uses exquisite photo manipulation in order to create surreal images that are thematically focused on identity, relationships, and dreams. However, today we will mainly focus on how she discovers the possibilities of the well known “selfie” phenomenon with famous people. Let’s admit that it would be pretty difficult to explain the concept of a selfie to a person from the 20th century. But this fact makes these series even more interesting!

“After the first official picture of a black hole was released last week, I decided to look into the Theory of relativity and I’ve been wondering how cool it was, if I could travel faster than the speed of light, ergo I could travel back in time. While I’ve been making a “selfie” with Albert Einstein (photoshopping myself into a picture of him) I decided to celebrate this amazing discovery with a series of pictures, where I travel back in time. ” writes Flora in her website.

Check out the gallery below. Also, tell us in the comment section below; If you could go back in time who would you like to take a selfie with?

More infofloraborsi.com | Instagram | Facebook | floraborsi.tumblr.com | twitter.com | behance.net

#1 Marilyn Monroe

Flora Borsi

#2 Mahatma Gandhi

Flora Borsi

#3 John Lennon

Flora Borsi

#4 Salvador Dali

Flora Borsi

#5 Albert Einstein

Flora Borsi

#6 Sigmund Freud

Flora Borsi

#7 Audrey Hepburn

Flora Borsi

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