April 23, 2021

25 Misfortunes of People That Will Make You Feel Better in Your Bad Days

We’ve all had one of those days when you just don’t feel like living anymore when getting out of bed seems like the hardest thing to do. It feels that the whole universe has turned the back on you, and nothing will feel better. The only thing that will make you feel better somehow is seeing that someone is having a worse moment than you are.

Even though feeling good for someone’s misfortune is not a good thing, yet these images below that we have collected will make you feel way better for not being in these people’s shoes.

Scroll down below to see some unfortunate events that will make you feel better when you’re on your blues.

1. I Spilled 50,000 2mm Glass Beads On The Ground And I Now Have To Sort Them By Hand


2. Honey


3. This Girl Was Bleaching Her Hair And Put A Plastic Bag From Walmart Over It To Help The Heat Stay In And It Printed The Ink Onto Her Hair 


4. Apparently The Kids Were Too Distracted To Shut The Door


5. I Have Lost One Piece Of This 2000 Pieces Puzzle


6. Some Poor Old Gary Somewhere Was Just Hoping To Declare His Love For Doris Today

Andy GiurtalisReport

7. When The Tiger Shark You’re Photographing Swims Off With Your Camera Rig

Jim Abernethy

8. So I Ordered A Blackhead Remover From Wish And This Is How It Was Packed. I Had To Collect It At The Post Office And It Was The Most Embarrassing Thing Ever


9. Feeling Like Kevin From The Office Right Now


10. Picked My Car Up From The Mechanic Yesterday After Having A Bunch Of Things Replaced Totalling $2100 Just To Have Burst Into Flames On Me This Morning. I’m Too Poor For This S**t


11. Looks Like I’m Not Getting My Bluetooth Earbuds Back For A While


12. Imagine Getting Your Name Excluded Like This In A Movie Credit Scene


13. Losing 2 Fingers In A Work-Related Accident On The Day My New Guitar Arrived


14.  Someone Accidentally Set Off The Fire Suppression System In A Military Hanger

15. This Happened To My Car Today


16. When You Forget Your Friends


17. Dropped My Wedding Ring This Morning


19. Chinese Man Chops Off His Own Finger After A Snake Bite ‘To Save My Own Life’, But Doctors Say It Was Totally Unnecessary


20. Mclaren Inside A Dealership Gets Hit By A Loose Truck Wheel


21.  Now We Know Who The Favorite Child Is


22. I Am An Asian That Finally Used The Iris Recognition Technology On His Phone


23. This Amazon Review Though


24. Great Start To A Monday

25. Two Brothers Won The Lottery On The Same Day