April 23, 2021

25 People Who Should’ve Taken Preparation More Seriously

There’s always room for some more preparation. You can always double-check the weather on NY city before heading there for a weekend trip with your SO, because if you don’t, well, you will be *surprised* and get it all ruined. Or make sure that big jar is well closed because otherwise it will dip you in. And then the entire internet will LOL at you, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

But there are also situations when there’s nothing you can do about, such as that door to success being shut to your face and telling you to “Stop, do not enter”. Also you can never be prepared enough to answer a question that says “If you’re under the age of 18, explain why”. The only thing you can do about these situations is capture them and share with the rest of the internet, so this quarantine period will at least be funny.

Take a look at some failed preparation moments below and say as much as you want “you should have thought this through”, and laugh, and move on to the next funny pic, but also don’t forget to learn a lesson here! — Stay home, people, so we can stop the spread of the virus further, and then no one can tell you “you should have thought this through!”

1# Two hours after the flight, found this in the toilet.


2# Your bad day most likely cannot compare to this guy driving a bus full of potential carriers.


3# She didn’t think someone would still her ‘creamer’.


4# Mom watching J.Lo’s Super Bowl performance with her 14-year-old boy.


5# Not all cooking tutorials include the ‘Make sure your equipments are plugged’ reminders.


6# From WWF in mid 80’s, I knew we shouldn’t have brought mom to meet Roddy Piper.


7# When you suddenly only have 24 seconds to not lose your work.


8# She definitely looked ready for this illusions museum.


9# A rockfall in Colorado has caused a detour as far as 238 miles from a short, 20-mile route.


10# Trying to get the back pain medicine on the lower part of the shelf.


11# Grandpa had the exact same shirt and was even wearing it!


12# It was this couple’s first visit to NY after a 10-hour flight.


13# Someone forgot to roll their window all the way up.


14# They were not prepared for this kind of sexy.


15# Megan did not make sure the paint cans were well-secured before they go into the shaker.


16# Meanwhile, Tesco not prepared for Valentine’s nor to display their fresh produce.


17# Roomba ran over the puppy’s poop and proceeded to ‘clean’ the house.

screamicide 18# Should have prepared a larger car.


19# The whole family vs. moth.


20# Nope, nobody will ever be prepared for that.


21# You’re expected to know this answer.


22# Students are never prepared and this is why.


23# Photographers always have to be ready for photobombers of all kinds.


24# This drunk Zeppelin fan passed out in backstage and missed his chance to meet John Paul Jones and Dave Grohl.


25# TSA held medical professionals back for ridiculous reason and it made them miss their flights by 2 minutes and parents are not amused.