April 21, 2021

25 Times People Captured Moments on the Perfect Time

To be able to take that perfect shot you need to be in the right place and the right time. Timing especially is absolutely everything, timing and rhythm are what great photos and wonderful comedy have in common.

Lucky for us, there are tons of quality photographers who use their skills and luck to put their cameras to work and bring us a hilarious moment. A lot of these pictures were timed so right, you might think the Universe ws directly involved in that shot.

If you’re in here for a good laugh, the pictures in the gallery below will be everything you need.

#1 Booped By Floppy Fren


#2 This Cat Assembling Itself


#3 Perfectly Timed


#4 Caught This Incredible Exploding Meteor When I Went To Rattlesnake Lake In Washington, USA Last Weekend. Zoom In To See The Exact Moment It Explodes In Two


#5 This Diving Photo I Took Of My Friend Makes It Look She’s Doing A Handstand On Water


#6 Slipped And Fell While Photographing A Wedding Party. Snapped A Pic On The Way Down


#7 At A Bonfire. Wife Instructs Me To Hold My One Year Old Son High To Get A “Cool Shot”. I Think It Looks Like I’m About To Sacrifice Him


#8 My Girlfriend And Her Friends Tried To Take A Group Photo, Alfie Wanted To Be In It As Well


#9 Attempted To Take A Cute Picture Of Me And My Dog. This Was The Result


#10 Learning The Hard Way


#11 This Man Saved Our Dog. You Can See Our Cat Jumping Out The Window


#12 My Father’s Chair Failing At A Coast Guard Change Of Command


#13 She Landed On My Shoulder


#14 Picture Taken Of Woman Falling Before She Realizes She Is Falling

#15 Lightning Striking Simultaneously On Chicago’s Three Tallest Buildings


#16 The Timing Of This Image Makes It Look Like My Nephew Is A Waterbender


#17 Never Skip Arm Day


#18 This Is The Best Photo My Mom Ever Took Of Me


#19 My Wife Just Texted Me This Picture Of Our Cat Playing Behind The TV


#20 One Second Before Disaster


#21 Giraffe’s Shadow Looks Like A Unicorn


#22 Love At First Sight


#23 My Cat Seems To Have Misplaced His Body Somewhere


#24 The Mythical Annubis


#25 Just Trying To Take A Nice Picture With My Cat