April 21, 2021

30 Hilarious Fails Of Animals’ Panoramic Shots

When you see your pet, or any pet for that matter, laying on a cute position or having some nice surroundings, it seems like the perfect moment to take a panoramic shot of them. And thanks to the advanced technology we have in the 21st century, we don’t need professional cameras to do that. We do, however, need the right skills on how to execute the perfect shot. And the horrific shots you’re about to see below will most certainly emphasize the importance of owning those skills, at least, to a basic level. Or else you’ll turn your pet into a monster-like looking creature.

Each one of these funny fails is so unique that even the greatest imagination couldn’t fathom these kooky beasts. So, sit back, relax, warm up those abdominal muscles, and get ready for some hearty laughs. Also, don’t forget to comment on the most unexpected funny photos!

1. Don’t Worry Your Dog Could Have Been Like Mine

Credits: natmiller

For millennials perhaps the earliest memory we have of getting anything close to a “panoramic” shot on film was to turn the camera from vertical to horizontal, but panoramic photography goes all the way back to the first invention of photography itself in 1826. There was a desire to show the landscapes of cities, so photographers invented the first panoramas by placing two or more daguerreotype plates – the earliest photos set on copper plates- side by side to create the illusion. It is said that the first panoramas were made up of eleven plates.

2# Panorama Doggo Gone Wrong

Credits: PuppermintJerry

3# Pano Of My New Backyard When My Dog Decided To Run Through It

Credits: Fantasma3

4# Cats Have Adapted To Living In The Desert

Credits: hanamomoact

5# Split Kitty

Credits: panoramafail

6# New Species?

Credits: emeliegidlund

7# Mum Can’t Stop Laughing. Dad Must Have Pulled A Funny Face Or Something

Credits: budds.life

8# Duck Limo Service, Anyone?

9# Panorama Of A Dog Goes Terribly Wrong

Credits: bulletsmikey

10# Kangaroo Dog In Full Flight

Credits: garthr

11# My Buddy Tried To Photograph His Dog In Panoramic Mode

Credits: lollime13

12# Giraffe Walking While I Was Taking A Panoramic Photo

Credits: Jacksonteague

13# That’s A Long Snout

Credits: loke_and_nala

14# The Dog Became Psychedelic

Credits: rompotodo

15# Three Times The Happiness

Credits: panoramafail

16# Poor Kitty

Credits: morodgerss

17# I’m Never Drinking Again

Credits: panoramafail

18# My Dog Is… One Head Short Of Cerberus

Credits: kittenconcoctions

19# He Never Barks

Credits: panoramafail

20# Ermagerd, Ma Derg

Credits: jamesythe3rd

21# Panorama Fail

Credits: xochikoko

22# Really Long Tail

Credits: _averyrodgers

23# When The Panorama Option Makes Your Dogs Look Like Sonic The Hedgehog

Credits: my_life_on_this_planet

24# When I Tried To Take A Panorama Of A Horse

Credits: emmavreyes

25# When You Are Trying To Take Pictures Of Your House And Your Six Legged Cat Shows Up

Credits: nathaniel.25

26# When Panorama Goes Wrong

Credits: samanthyyyy

27# Ayllon’s Sheep Are Different. So Different

Credits: auriken

28# I Hear Everything

Credits: peyton_the_samoyed

29# Google Assistant Seemed Oddly Excited About This Panorama That It Created For Me

Credits: steamed-crouton

30# Meet Milo, My 11-Headed Dog

Credits: seajayvee