April 21, 2021

34 People Who Supposedly Were Not A “Cat Person”, Apparently Are Now

You might have heard that saying that the most honest love is between the grumpy dad and the pet they say they didn’t want. And if that ain’t the truth! These feline hatred imposters and their complete turnarounds into cat person we have compiled a list proving that resisting a cute cat’s charm is a lot more difficult than you’d imagine.

Sure you can say you don’t want a pet cat, and hey, you might even mean it, but that doesn’t mean a kitty cat doesn’t want you, and if it does then no amount of resistance will stop it from crawling into your life and stealing your heart.

You still don’t believe us? Then keep on scrolling to see the funny photo proofs for yourself, and feel free to add your own pictures to the list!

1# My Dad Claims To Hate My Cat. Turns Out He Takes Selfies With Her


2# I Live Alone. Didn’t Want A Pet. Workmate Suggested She Bring A Kitten Over That Needed A Home. Been Together A Year Now


3# Boyfriend Claims To Hate My Cat. Came Home To This


4# My Grandfather Didn’t Want A Cat And Now He Shares Snacks With Tiger (One Of The Cats He Rescued From His Barn)


5# My Wife Didn’t Want Cats. Even After Getting Our Bengals, She Claimed She Just “Liked Them Alright.” I’ve Been Calling Her Bluff, And I Finally Have Proof


6# I Pretend I Don’t Like My Roommate’s Cat. But When He’s At Work, We Hangout


7# He Claims He Doesn’t Like Cats But Is Currently Refusing To Disturb Sleeping Cat To Get Up And Pull The Curtains


8# “I Really Hate Your Cat” Indeed


9# My Dad Hates Cats


10# Growing Up, My Grandpa Hated Cats And Told Me That When My Cats Died I Wasn’t Allowed To Get More Under His Roof. They Died. I Got Another. This Is My Grandpa


11# My Dad Hates Cats. He Just Sent Me This While Babysitting My Cat


12# My Boyfriend Always Said He Didn’t Want To Get A Cat. This Is Them 5 Minutes After Meeting


13# Got A Kitty. Roommate Said He Doesn’t Like Cats. Came Home To This


14# At First I Didn’t Want To Have To Take Care Of Kittens. Then This Happened


15# When Your Dad Says He “Doesn’t Like Cats” But You Finally Convince Him To Let You Get One And You End Up Getting Pics Like These While You’re At Work


16# After Not Letting Me Get A Cat For Years He Is Now Besotted With Gus


17# This Is The Man That Didn’t Want A Cat


18# My Girlfriend’s Dad Doesn’t Like Cats So He Says, Looks Like She Won Him Over


19# I Found A Cat. I Don’t Like Cats. Now I Have A Cat I Guess


20# My “Not A Cat Person” Boyfriend Falling In Love With A Shelter Kitty


21# Caught A Picture Of My Cat With My Friend Who Adamantly “Hates Cats”


22# If You Ask Him, “F*ck No, I’m Not A Cat Person”


23# I Didn’t Want Cats. My Wife Wanted Cats. So We Compromised And Got 5 Cats


24# Before I Got My Kitten, My Boyfriend Said He Didn’t Like Cats. Now I Have Been Demoted To “Princess #2”


25# The Boyfriend Is Supposedly Not A Cat Person


26# 14 Years Ago My Sister And I Got A Kitten For Our Dad Who Had Always Said He Hated Cats. They’ve Been Inseparable Ever Since


27# My Dad Never Wanted A Cat, And Look At Him Now


28# I’m Not A Cat Person But I’ll Make An Exception


29# My Dad Swears He Hates Cats


30# I Wanted A Cat. My “Not A Cat Person” Boyfriend Did Not. We Got One Because It Would Make Me Happy. Guess Whose Cat She Is


31# Boyfriend Says He Does Not Like Cats. I Think He Is Full Of Shit


32# My Dad, Who Hates Cats, Built Bunkbeds For My Boys


33# Our Cat Only Loves Our Dad, Who Hates Her


34# “No, I Don’t Want To Hold A Kitten”