April 18, 2021

A Woman Shares How She Saw a Policeman Taking Selfies With His Service Dog and He Responds With Pics

When we hear the word ‘dog,’ we usually think of a goofy, fluffy animal that’s the world’s best pet. Most households own at least one dog, which might be a tiny chihuahua or a big rottweiler. But there’s another category of dogs that doesn’t cross our minds, immediately.

We’re talking about working dogs. The good, professional boys and girls that are specially trained to perform certain tasks. Service dogs assist people with physical and mental disabilities or disorders, herding dogs help out on farms. The best-known classes of service dogs are that of police dogs are also known as K9. While police dogs might be perceived as scary, especially since they usually are deployed to assist in relation to a crime, that doesn’t mean that deep down they’re not just regular goofy dogs that enjoy pets and fun-time with their owners.

One such dog was spotted in a much lighter setting when a woman spotted a police officer taking selfies with his K9. What drew in her eye was not only the fact that the two were taking selfies, but also that the policeman was showing each picture to the dog after taking it. Gina Anzaldua Stevenson took to Facebook, where she shared the adorable photographs on a “Dogspotting Society” group where it garnered 60k likes and 47k shares.

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Here’s how people on Facebook reacted to the photos: