Aerial Photography Shows How Beautiful the Earth Is When Seen From Above

Perspective changes everything, your sight, thoughts, movements. Brothers JP and Mike Andrews proved just that with their new pictures taken by their drone.

While exploring with their drone, they were able to reveal a whole new perspective of the world, and find out how beautiful the world is from above. With this, Abstract Aerial Art was born.

Their aerial photography contains clever compositions that are the result of intense research. To achieve the required results they used Google Earth and other maps that virtually compose images prior their arrival, that way leaving nothing to chance.

In one of their photos, titled Skyline, you will see a cargo boat gliding across open water. The shipping container, aligned with the shadows, paint a beautiful resemble of the city skyline. It took a lot of preparation for this shot, as they had to do a mix of research, timing, light so they could be able to shot the exact photography they were after.

Although, most of the pictures we see on internet nowadays seem to good to be true due to photoshop, each and every single one of them here are true and show a real place on our planet.

“Other than slight color and contrast enhancements, none of our images are manipulated in any other way. We hope this proves that there is still a whole world out there waiting to be discovered,” say the photographers.

When not playing with shadows, the Andrews brothers use their drone to create artful compositions out of ordinary objects. Whether focusing on the symmetry of parked cars or cement blocks used as sea barriers, their eye for pleasing arrangements allows viewers to enjoy the work even when unable to completely determine what “it” actually is.

This has only spurred them to further their creative vision. “The more we find, the more we believe we have only just scratched the surface!”

Abstract Aerial Art: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Photographer Captures Vast Array of Wild Animals That Cross a Nearby Log Bridge

While we might not all be lucky enough to have bears and bobcats in our backyard, it’s super easy to capture footage of your own local wildlife. All you need to do is invest in one of the best trail cameras, pick a suitable spot in your garden and then simply sit back and wait. The beauty of trail cameras is that they completely remove the human element from wildlife photography and videography. Even the most experienced wildlife photographer runs the risk of encroaching on their subject’s space and affecting their behavior.

And the fact that you don’t need a pro-level camera and telephoto lens to capture amazing footage of local wildlife – is also proved by a YouTube video. The video shows an incredible mixture of animals crossing a log bridge in Pennsylvania. Captured by local man Robert Bush using a camera trap, wildlife including bears, bobcats, grouse, beavers, and more used a fallen log to traverse the terrain. In addition, Bush runs a Facebook Page and YouTube Channel Bob’s Pennsylvania Wildlife Camera, where he posts all of his footage as it’s captured.

Hence, you can find Robert’s video below which shows animals that crossed the bridge over the course of one year. This is a natural habitat of all these species, and it’s fascinating just how many of them there are. In the meantime, check out more of Robert Bush’s incredible wildlife footage here. It’s all about wildlife and if you enjoy wildlife photography and films, I’m sure you’ll love it!

Robert Bush Sr.: Facebook | YouTube

#1 A camera set up in Pennsylvania has produced amazing footage of local wildlife, including bears, bobcats, beavers & more


This amazing video was created using a trail camera over the course of a year. It seems that Robert Bush was able to cannily predict that the fallen log would provide a ‘choke point’ for land-based wildlife to be able to cross the river.


 Robert Bush Sr


 Robert Bush Sr


 Robert Bush Sr


 Robert Bush Sr


 Robert Bush Sr


 Robert Bush Sr


 Robert Bush Sr


 Robert Bush Sr

#10 After his initiative went viral, Robert shared his thoughts behind it

 Robert Bush Sr
 Robert Bush Sr

#11 Here’s what people said about his wonderful work

 Robert Bush Sr

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