‘Bar In a Jar’: The Perfect Gift For Those Who’ve Been Missing The Bars This Year

For most of us, going out to the bar on a Saturday night isn’t an option at the moment. And while we know we have to stay home and remain socially distanced in order to save lives, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck not to be able to enjoy a few (or a few dozen) drinks at your favorite spot. Until you can get sloppy at your local again, why not make a “Bar in a Jar” for yourself or one of your boozy friends?

Can’t make it out to the bars right now? Or feel like maybe you shouldn’t? That’s probably wise.

One idea that’s been getting a lot of traction for the at-home party / gift idea is the “Bar in a Jar” – basically just a customized collection of drinks festively set in one container for your sipping pleasure!

It’s an easy idea that truly is the complete package. Check out some of these examples that might provide inspiration for your bar in a jar project!

The Open Bar

Source: The Shabby Creek Cottage

This gift idea comes via the decorating blog Shabby Creek Cottage. They’ve got an entire rundown on how to easily make your own – starting with some simple supplies:

• A large jar with lid (big enough to hold several small bottles)
• 5-7 small bottles of alcohol
• Adhesive Vinyl
• Transfer Tape
• Silhouette Machine + tools

You can see the rest of the instructions here.

Neon Lights

Source: KylerDesigns on Etsy

This specialty lid decoration is available from KylerDesigns on etsy for just 8 bucks. Download and print out instantly!

Life’s a Beach


This beach themed container was posted a while back by Instagram account boozekays, which specialized in creating personalized alcoholic arrangements. You can see here how adding just a few simple, inexpensive materials to the display really creates a sense of theme and fun.

Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts

Source: Rachel Hollis

The website msrachelhollis.com has another guide on a slightly different style of bar jar that’s perfect for gifts of all kinds!

So, if you wanna get to having/spreading some fun but not exactly, yanno, out in the world, turn your boredom into creativity with a bar in a jar! Now if only we could figure out how to fit a steakhouse into one of these things…

Have you tried something like this? How did it turn out?

Let us know in the comments.

Self-taught Artist Transforms Leaves and Weeds Into Tiny Woven Baskets

While most see plants as a key part of nature – there’s more than meets the eye!

Suzie Grieve of Foraged Fibres, is a self-taught basket and jewelry maker from Lake District, UK. She weaves miniature baskets as well as tiny jewelry using leaves, vines, and weeds. Coming in all designs, capabilities, and sizes, her intricate artwork illustrates the several capabilities of organic resources. Whether striped, checkered, or coiled in rows, each basket is a testament to Grieve’s patience and ability to adapt a traditional craft into an unusually tiny form.

You can buy Grieve’s baskets by means of her site, and maintain up to date with her latest creations by following the artist on Instagram. Thus, check out some of her best works in our list below. Also, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and an upvote on the ones you like the most!

More Info: Instagram | Website

#1 British isles-primarily based artist Suzie Grieve generates remarkable woven baskets out of pure materials.

























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