April 19, 2021

Bedroom Pictures Of People Across The World, Showing Lives Like Never Before

People across the world show so many differences in their cultures but we are the same species, constructed of theoretically similar things. There are people that love durians, and those that don’t, and there are those who show different reactions to certain things and those who don’t.

This photographer hopes to show the differences through pictures of bedrooms from people across the world. Especially of the millennial generation. These pictures include high school students as well as those in their mid-thirties. Many of these pictures were staged to show you what their hobbies and life are like. Enjoy :).

More info: John Thackwray

Istanbul, Turkey, Gulle

Bucharest, Romania, Andreea, 24-Year-Old Civil Engineer

Tokyo, Japan, Ryoko, 25-Year-Old Information Technology Engineer

Paris, France, Joseph, 30-Year-Old Artist

Zhambyl, Kazakhstan, Zhalay, 18-Year-Old High School Student

Kathmandu, Nepal, Pema, 22-Year-Old Buddhism Student

Tehran, Iran, Elahe, 29-Year-Old Painter

La Paz, Bolivia, Marcello, 18-Year-Old High School Student

Manyatta, Kenya, Ezekiel, 22–Year-Old Warrior

 Saint Catherine, Egypt, Mohamed, 18-Year-Old Student Of Traditional Medicine

Dali, China, Yuan, 22-Year-Old Salesperson

 Teheran, Iran, Razieh

 Paris, France, Derek, 30-Year-Old Movie Director

Novosibirsk, Russia, Oleg, 24-Year-Old Telecom Engineer

Sibundoy, Colombia, Marixa, 21-Year-Old Teacher

Cairo, Egypt, Azza, 19-Year-Old Homemaker

Thies, Senegal, Fatou, 17-Year-Old Seamstress

Varanasi, India, Lalu

New York, USA, Maleeq, 28-Year-Old Entertainer

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Claudio, 24-Year-Old Archivist

Lesotho, Osia, 18-Year-Old Shepherd

Beirut, Lebanon, Sabrina, 27-Year-Old Kindergarten Teacher

Berlin, Germany, Maja, 22-Year-Old Architecture Student