April 21, 2021

Belgian Shepherd Named Säm Started His Training To Become A Police Dog In Estonia And We’re All Proud Of Him

Four-legged friends can make people forget about all their problems in the blink of an eye. This cute little Belgian Shepherd is bound to do just that to you right after you see these pictures.

This cute puppy is a small and extremely adorable Belgian shepherd named Säm. Turns out, this little cutie has recently kicked off his training to become a police dog in Estonia. Apparently, Säm will be working in the northern prefecture of the Police Special Forces. We’re absolutely sure—no one with evil intentions will get away from this good boy.

The training will be a year and a half long

Image credits: kolmkaru

The puppy joined the Estonian Police Special Forces team last week along with his brother named Terror. The brother will be working at the k-commando and Säm joined the team of the northern prefecture.

Säm’s first task is to get used to the new environment and the dog handler, Kristi Pai

Image credits: kolmkaru

To become a full-fledged police dog, Säm will be training for a year and a half. Currently, the doggy is getting used to the new environment and his handler named Kristi Pai.

Turns out, Säm joined the police forces along with his equally adorable brother Terror

Image credits: kolmkaru

Let’s wish this good boy the best of luck!

Image credits: kolmkaru

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