17 Biggest WTF Moments Americans Witnessed While Visiting Europe

When we are visiting a new place, we get the chance to see all the things that differ from the place we come from. Every country has its own system of functioning, and while some can be alike depending on the regions, if we travel from a continent to another, we are able to see a huge difference.

One Reddit user, Cyber-Gon, asked a question “Americans who visited Europe, what was your biggest WTF moment?” and the answers were wholesome. Americans shared all the things they found weirs after visiting Europe. From food portions to the health care system, here’s a list of everything that stunned American tourists in  Europe.

1. Grumpy Germans 


2. Street cleaners in Spain

3.  Lack of insects in England


4.  Speeding cars in Italy


5.  Empty streets in Italy while midday 


6.  Nudity in TV


7.  Storks


8. Soccer game


9. Old buildings integrated with modern life 


10.  Irish greeting 


11. Bicycles everywhere 


12. Vacation days 


13.  Politics, AC and ice


14. Faith in government




16. Rich quality of food


In Toulouse, France, I went to a nice restaurant and ordered dinner. When it arrived, I was like, ‘Where’s the rest of it?’ The waitress laughed, as she grew up there and in Canada. (I’m from Brooklyn, New York, where portions are huge.) She calmly told me to eat it and if I was still hungry to order another one. By the last bite, I was stuffed. That was my WTF moment: when I realized how rich and high quality the food was over there.

17. French butter 

jjbutts,Justin Henry

French butter made me stop and reflect on the beauty of being alive. I didn’t think butter could be improved upon, but holy sh*t. So creamy.”

Times Historians Had No Idea What Something Was And Women Stepped In And Told Them

In class, I learned that when I don’t understand something, someone else probably does. It’s more useful to learn someone’s perspective in a field than to force your perspective and fail miserably.

That’s the moral lesson to be learned in this viral Twitter thread by Gennifer Hutchison. For her, there are things that male historians and anthropologists get wrong because they usually don’t involve women’s perspectives in their research.

More info: Twitter

Writer Gennifer Hutchinson pointed out online that male scientists struggle to figure something out because they restrict women’s access to their fields

Image credits: GennHutchison

Image credits: GennHutchison

Image credits: GennHutchison

Image credits: GennHutchison

Image credits: GennHutchison

Twitter people shared hilarious examples to further support Gennifer’s point

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Image credits: HauntedHaworth

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