April 19, 2021

”Bits and Pieces” Bring 20 Dark Twisted Comics to Humor Our Anxiety

A lot of people are fans of dark humor, that kind of humor that might not push you back laughing but rather make you feel bad for doing so.  Harry, Ali, and Carly from Michigan are the creators of webcomics Bits and Pieces. The comics are mostly about programming, pop culture or anything that is trending around the world, from coronavirus to the US elections.

“We are in the tech industry and we wanted to make comics that captured that experience,” said the creators.

They try to unveil their lives with dry-wit humor , which means you are laughing at our society and its undeniable flaws, which its not that bad we you think about it. It is always better to handle life’s anxieties with humor.

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The creative team consists of three people. Harry who is a software engineer by day and artist by night about how he started drawing, and two other masterminds—Ali, who is a PhD student in cryptography, and Carly, who is a PhD student in cancer research.


The trio meet in high school and they never stopped their collaboration. The biggest inspiration and motivation to create is being able to express their artistic thoughts that couldn’t be expressed in a professional environment.

“Our comics are about mostly tech, but also things we see in the world. We want to be more laymen,” said Harry. “We feel like we’re funny and we want to share that with people. Being in serious PhD programs and the tech industry, there aren’t many opportunities to be creative.”

As much as they try to humor their professions with these bits, they also use gloal themes  that everyone it’s able to relate, like the global pandemic and its effects, trending political topics, or problems of the age of technology.


Ironically enough, Harry says they are not trying to put dark undertones in their comics intentionally: “We don’t try to be dark, I think we’re all just depressed and we express that through our comics.”

“I hope we can relate to people who feel like they can’t make it in the software industry or people dealing with depression. A lot of our comics have been about impostor syndrome because that’s something I personally deal with.”