25+ Crappy Designs That Are Too Painful to Watch

Being good at something takes practice. The most important thing is to start and be able to learn from your mistakes on this journey of learning. However, some people don’t seem to understand that. They keep making the same mistakes over and over again. There’s plenty of crappy design on the internet, and so far we have covered a lot of it, which you can check here, here, and here.

Unfortunately, there’s always more. Some people can’t stop giving and Crappy Design collects all they offer. This subreddit was created back in 2011 and so far is home to 2.6 million members. Their crappy design content it’s so crappy it hurts to watch, but on the other hand, amusing as well.

Scroll down below to check out the list of crappy designs we prepared for you, and make sure to upvote the one that makes you cringe the most.

1. A sign that looks like it says “follow someone home”


2. At first glance, I didn’t recognize this restaurant mural as the sun…


3. High school bathrooms are already wild enough


4. Crappy haircuts


5. This bathroom stall at my school


6. The marbling in these floor tiles makes it look like someone pooped all over the floor


7. Red checkmark and green cross are really confusing


8. If you’re American, you better keep double the distance.


9. Use not Heat resistance material for fried egg mold


10. If you say so!


11. Felt like my head was spinning when i saw this


12. The design of this pillowcase makes it look like there are bugs crawling on it.


Not Where Earphones Go


13. A poster at my moms audiology office


14. Anti-homelessness benches at Liverpool bus station are actually anti human. Attempting to sit down now and just sliding off it every second.


15. The sign says “teaching kids good manners”, but it looks like you’re just yeeting the baby into trash


16. The skim milk has a blue logo and a red cap. The whole milk has a red logo and blue cap. Why?


17. How do we help people remember the date of our local car show? I’ve got an idea…


18. Hedge archway in the neighborhood


19. You have to step over the bathtub to get between the toilet and the sink


20. I spent 5 minutes searching for the light switch until I opened the FREAKING MEDICINE CABINET


21. Disabled toilets not accessible by disabled people


22. Why not write normally don’t quit


23. A fan net designed to keep child fingers out of the fan, with a cute bear design that entices the child to touch the fan


24. Once again, paper straw but plastic wrapper


25.“Never do your best. Quit”


26. This Bench. Where I Live It Is Very Hot And It Is Impossible To Sit In This Park


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Times Historians Had No Idea What Something Was And Women Stepped In And Told Them

In class, I learned that when I don’t understand something, someone else probably does. It’s more useful to learn someone’s perspective in a field than to force your perspective and fail miserably.

That’s the moral lesson to be learned in this viral Twitter thread by Gennifer Hutchison. For her, there are things that male historians and anthropologists get wrong because they usually don’t involve women’s perspectives in their research.

More info: Twitter

Writer Gennifer Hutchinson pointed out online that male scientists struggle to figure something out because they restrict women’s access to their fields

Image credits: GennHutchison

Image credits: GennHutchison

Image credits: GennHutchison

Image credits: GennHutchison

Image credits: GennHutchison

Twitter people shared hilarious examples to further support Gennifer’s point

Image credits: NachachaRocuant

Image credits: HauntedHaworth

Image credits: martienne17

Image credits: foxtrotlatte

Image credits: Harlequinclrty

Image credits: NoNotHappyDays

Image credits: obrienk2

Image credits: lahondaknitter

Image credits: carykingdom

Image credits: j_n_foster

Image credits: CricketB

Image credits: ChiggyVR

Image credits: spaceysoupy

Image credits: pins_abigail

Image credits: RachelKenobi

Image credits: kilday_morgan

Image credits: BLJankowski

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