April 22, 2021

Creative Examples of How to Fix Broken Stuff (+20 Pics)

We should not throw away things as soon as they break. With some clever ideas and the reduce, reuse, recycle philosophy employment, most broken things can be fixed or even become something better. Below we have some of the best examples of these ingenious DIY projects to get your creative juices flowing.

Shattered vases can be sewed with golden threads, cracked wooden doors can be turned into a scene from The Shining, and so many other DIY ideas with broken stuff! The creative ideas are endless!

Creative Ways To “Fix” Your Broken Phone Screen


My Boyfriend Fell Down Our Stairs On Thanksgiving Day. Instead Of Fixing The Hole, We Got Creative


Repair Torn Couch With Lace

Fix Broken Flower Pots By Turning Them Into Diy Fairy Gardens


When A Truck Bumped This Russian Man’s Car, He Decided To “Fix” It In The Most Creative Way


Repair Broken Birdbath Using Recycled DVDs


How To Fix A Cracked Mirror

Positively Amy

The Only Way To Fix A Hole In The Wall


Creative Kid Draws On Wall, More Creative Mom Fixes It


Lego Pieces Are Used To Repair And Fill Holes In Broken Walls

Jan Vormann

Wall Got Busted From Water Damage, I Think It Looks Way Better Now


Fix Broken Mug With Polymer Clay

Katrin Joonas

Chicago Doesn’t Fix Its Potholes, So This Artist Fixes Them With Ice Cream Mosaics

Jim Bachor

Broken Doors Fixed


Cracked iPhone Back? Use Highlighters To “Pimp Yo’ Phone”


Broken Vases Repaired By Sewing Them With Gold Thread

Charlotte Bailey

Don’t Have The Money To Fix It? Improvise


Wall Cracks Fixed With Crystallized Geode Installations

Paige Smith

Artist “Fixes” Broken Wood Furniture With Translucent Materials

Tatiane Freitas

Cracked Wall Turned Into Camels Journey Through The Desert


Fix Ruined Heels With Glitter


Russian Urban Interventionist Andrey Syaylev Fixed Library Walls With Old Books

Andrey Syaylev

Creative Car Owner

The Proper Way To Fix A Dent