May 11, 2021

Deaf Guy Adopted A Deaf Puppy And Taught Him Sign Language

Nick Abbott, 31 years old was born deaf and is now the owner of a sweet puppy who is also unable to hear. He adopted his dog, Emerson through the foster-based rescue, NFR Maine.

The good people at the NFR Maine that rescues and fosters animals freed Emerson from a Florida shelter when he was only a month and a half old. Then he was sent further north. A cute black Labrador mix, Emerson was suffering from canine parvovirus as well as seizures.

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Nick Abbott, 31, of Maine, adopted his dog Emerson through the foster-based rescue, NFR Maine.

Lindsay Powers, who works at NFR Maine, said that they found that his hearing was impaired after he came back from the vet, and they were not sure whether he had been born with a disability or maybe something had happened to his hearing when he was younger but Emerson does not let that get in his way at all and he loves living just like the other puppies out there.

Nick and Emerson have learned to communicate in their own special way, the owner now teaching his pooch sign language, as they embark on this “journey through life together.” He says: “The bond that we have is awesome, we understand each other very well. I’d like to think it was meant to be. He’s special.”

Photo Credits: Richelle And Nick Abbott

Dogs are man’s best friend and Nick is lucky to have found his, but Emerson is much luckier that has found a human who’ll love him and care for him, as he should’ve been from the very beginning.