April 14, 2021

Delicious Wedding Cake Features the Lovely Dog Taking a Bite Out of It

Roisin and Hunter Biclmeier were about to celebrate their love with the wedding ceremony. Among family and friends, they shared the event also with their dog. A golden Retriever named Bear was family for the newlyweds, and they wanted to keep him involved as much as possible.  From having his moment walking down the aisle to the “Bear’s biscuit bar” where guests could take home a bag of cookies for their dogs. As much as his presence brightens up the day, the most adorable Bear-themed element was the couple’s wedding cake. The three-tiered dessert was staged to look like Bear had taken a bite out of the cake.

“We worked with the amazing Kake by Darci and told her we wanted to incorporate Bear into our wedding cake,” Roisin Bicklmeier said. “I told her I had brought a little golden figurine and was wondering if she could put him on the back of the cake as a hidden detail doing something naughty, like dirty paw prints or whatever. She told me she would absolutely incorporate him, and I didn’t actually know what she was planning until I saw it on the day!”

The front is an all-white cake, decorated with flowers and a “Happy Ever After” topper. However, on the side, you can see the little Bear figurine as he stands with his paws and nose covered in frosting, and close is the tiny chunk taken out of the cake. The cute little creation was told to be very close to Bear’s behavior. If he would have the chance, he would definitely take a bite out of that delicious cake.

You can check out the adorable cake below, and more photos from the gorgeous wedding day, courtesy of Teller of Tales Photography.

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