‘Disney Humanimals’ Project Brings Incredibly Unique Transformations of Disney Characters

Each Disney character is unique in its own way and it’s loved by the public, but still artist every day and more are coming with different ways of interpreting them. Alex Pick, aka apicollodraws, started a project called ‘Disney Humanimals’  where he turns Disney characters into humans and vice-versa.

Earthwonders reached out to Alex to ask him about his inspiration behind these adorable illustrations.

As an artist I’m always looking for ideas and new interesting content for myself and my followers. I’m a huge Disney Fan. I grew up with all these amazing cartoons movies and special characters which everybody knows! The idea to transform the animals into humans is not a new thing! But I wanted to give it my personal try and creativity! And doing some of the characters into animals in reverse was just a logical plus very funny and entertaining twist,” said Alex.

We can fully say he did an incredible job on illustrating that exact resemblance of these characters when transforming them into humans and animals.

“Some of the characters are really hard to transform and there are others that just come together itself. I try to figure out for myself who could the human person look like. I use the movie figures background of course, sometime it’s good to search for the voice actor or search for similar human actors. Usually transforming takes from 1 to 5 hours,” explained the artist for Earthwonders.

What pushes the artist to keep working on this project it’s simply the love of drawing and sharing his creativity and imagination with others. Like any other job, this also can be challenging at times but the artist says he’s opened to suggestions.

“Depending on the character, I’m often struggling when I draw and think maybe it’s not good or will people like it? Sometimes I don’t like it anyway after posting it. I’m always open and very thankful for creative input and suggestions to get a character better when I’m not sure about how it turned out. And for me the most important thing is that people understand that I’m doing this because it’s FUN, it should be seen from the funny side to make someone smile or laugh,” adds Alex.

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#1 Alley Cat Musicians, Duchess And Thomas

Image source: apicollodraws

#2 Peg And Lady

Image source: apicollodraws

#3 Bambi, Thumper, Flower

Image source: apicollodraws

#4 Lady And The Tramp

Image source: apicollodraws

#5 Miss Bianca And Bernhard

Image source: apicollodraws

#6 Jock And Trusty

Image source: apicollodraws

#7 Rita

Image source: apicollodraws

#8 Perdita And Pongo

Image source: apicollodraws

#9 Cruella De Wuff And Nanny

Image source: apicollodraws

#10 Frou-Frou, Toulouse, Marie, Berlioz

Image source: apicollodraws

#11 Oliver And Dodger

Image source: apicollodraws

#12 Abigail And Amelia Gabble

Image source: apicollodraws

#13 Si & Am

Image source: apicollodraws

#14 Madame Adelaide Bonfamille

Image source: apicollodraws

#15 Georgette

Image source: apicollodraws

20 Pictures of German Shepherds That Show You How Adorable and Loving They Are

I believe you all have heard of German Shepherds. They are the most steadfastly loyal companions, and consistently rank at the top of the most popular dog breeds, and it’s easy to see why. German shepherd dogs (GSD) are noble, diligent, loyal, and highly intelligent dogs. They are large in size and have very streamlined, athletic builds that make them both strong and agile.

Though they are excellent herding dogs, German shepherds are very well suited to work as service animals, such as guide dogs for the blind. They are excellent performing as working dogs, especially in police and military operations. They also make highly effective guard dogs. Of course, the German shepherd dog also makes a wonderful companion in the right home.

One of the most recognizable breeds today, German shepherds are celebrated for their impressive balance of power and grace. They surely mark a presence in your heart as well. To all of those who own a German shepherd, they will strongly agree to that fact.

Below we’ve made a list of their adorable pictures, and they will make you fall in love with this breed once more.

1. My boy Kenzo, my soulmate. He’s a real gentle giant with a puppy personality. 


2. My baby had a photoshoot and I chose the photo that really shows her personality 


3. My baby girl met her brother again after 3 weeks 


4. I, for one, feel safer knowing there’s a German Shepherd in the Oval Office. 


5. Finally broke it to her that she was adopted. 


6. My family has always had a love for shepherds 


7. Now this is funny and cute 


8. My Flynn 8 Months old – for contrast My husband is 6ft 2in 


9. Our boy passed his test, he is officially a therapy dog! 


10. Me and my boy, Bauer 


11. Went to the shelter just to see, came home with this beautiful boy. Meet Fenrir aka Finn.


12. This pup helped me survive through medical school 


13. Meeka realized she can stand in the pool 


14. People tend to be scared of my pup when I take her out but she’s probably more loving than most people tbh 


15. We’re super cute. Give us your lunch! 


16. We found Lucy on a desert highway when she was 4 weeks old, today she celebrates 10 months. 


17. She’s just so cute I can hardly stand it! 


18. Levi sporting a baby carhartt coat 


19. Kato mastered “sit” and “stay, so now we are moving on to “defensive driving” 


20. I just can’t get over his face 


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