Disney Apologizes After Their Employee Snatches An Engagement Ring, Disrupting A Marriage Proposal In Disneyland Paris

Perhaps there’s nothing more romantic than getting proposed to in the La Ville Lumière (the City of Lights”) and The City Of Love. And suppose your future fiancée (fingers crossed she says yes) is a fan of Disney and all things magic. In that case, Disneyland Paris is the perfect destination to experience perhaps one of the most precious moments in life. However, some picture-perfect moments might get spoiled by employees, who maybe take their duty to keep things under control way too seriously.

video has recently surfaced on the internet of the proposal gone wrong at Disneyland Paris. In the video, a guy tried proposing to his significant other when a Disney employee showed up and ripped the engagement ring off his hand. Don’t worry, he returned the ring to the owner, but the moment was ruined anyhow.

Perhaps proposing to your significant other at “The Happiest Place On Earth” might not be the fool-proof option to get a “yes”

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Apparently, the platform the guy chose to make a proposal on was fenced off and, according to Disney Reporter Edith Gervin, is used for the Dream… and Shine Brighter! shows in celebration of Disneyland Paris’ 30-Year Anniversary. Reportedly, the platform was surrounded by equipment and fireworks and was fenced off to eliminate the threat of any potential hazards.

However, there are claims that the guy has had permission. Apparently, the guy had approached another Disneyland employee, a woman, beforehand and got her approval. The intervening worker was obviously not aware of it before he went ahead and spoiled the proposal.

After the incident, a Disney spokesperson gave a statement to Newsweek, saying that “We regret how this was handled.” “We have apologized to the couple involved and offered to make it right,” the spokesperson added.

More Info: Reddit, YouTube

As the guy was proposing to his girlfriend in front of the Sleeping Beauty castle, a Disneyland Paris employee snatched the ring from the man’s hand and ruined the moment

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Apparently, the area was off limits to visitors, but the man claimed he had been given permission by another employee there

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Once the video reached Reddit, the guy’s best friend went to answer some of the questions that people had. People seemed to agree that the employee was wrong for spoiling the proposal

Times Historians Had No Idea What Something Was And Women Stepped In And Told Them

In class, I learned that when I don’t understand something, someone else probably does. It’s more useful to learn someone’s perspective in a field than to force your perspective and fail miserably.

That’s the moral lesson to be learned in this viral Twitter thread by Gennifer Hutchison. For her, there are things that male historians and anthropologists get wrong because they usually don’t involve women’s perspectives in their research.

More info: Twitter

Writer Gennifer Hutchinson pointed out online that male scientists struggle to figure something out because they restrict women’s access to their fields

Image credits: GennHutchison

Image credits: GennHutchison

Image credits: GennHutchison

Image credits: GennHutchison

Image credits: GennHutchison

Twitter people shared hilarious examples to further support Gennifer’s point

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