April 22, 2021

18 Extraordinary Pics That You Should See At Least Once In Your Life

Every day we live we wonder about people’s imaginations, the powers of nature, and even the simplest things that surround us.

And even if sometimes we feel a lack of inspiration, all that we need to do is take a look around us and try to see ordinary things from a completely different angle.

Hoping that the photos below will give a lift to your imagination and serve as a reminder to you of how great and diverse our world can really be.

The circle of life of a coffee.


World’s smallest park, Mill Ends Park, in Portland.


A boy’s fingerprint after playing outside, unwashed.


If you’re wondering, that’s a polar bear claw.


A very GIANT sunflower.


How babies get their X-ray (no, this is not an abortion picture.)


If you collect a cup of sand from different beaches for 3 years:


This small scale visual representation of the sun and earth (small blue balls).


Don’t shear a sheep for 6 years for this (fact: it’s actually dirty and even harmful for the sheep.)

SHREK The Famous Hermit Sheep Of Tarras

A picture of the sun taken from the same spot at the same time every week for a whole year.

Giuseppe Donatiello

An actual passport for Pharaoh, Ramesses II.


A sealed water bottle that was brought down to show the pressure difference.


That entire house is being moved back for 200 ft.


Dún Briste sea stack that was severed from the mainland in 1933 and shows millions of years worth of history.


This post blizzard picture in Ohio near Lake Erie.


A sunset view above the clouds.


The circle of life of a leaf.

rob herr

This is a hard disk that stores 10MB from the ’60s.


A star on the eyes of an electrician who was hit with a 14,000-volt shock.

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