20 Fascinating Statistics You Might Not Know, As Shared In This Online Thread

It’s actually incredible how much random data can be used in statistics. Not just the population of people, unemployment, number of detected Covid cases, etc. These are the statistics we most often see in the media because they are relevant and of public importance. Journalists generally love using statistical data because it can be the main focal point for an article. Other than that, people love statistics. They trust them more than they believe their friend. Also, they are based on quantitative evidence, and that’s usually enough to persuade somebody.

Yet, there are so many statistics that you perhaps had no clue what they even exist. Did you know someone compelled a survey and found that half of Britons wouldn’t take a trip to the moon, even if they were guaranteed safety? Me neither. And you know what the most common reason was? They had no interest in going. Simple as that. It’s not like it was a piece of crucial information to know about, yet it’s pretty darn interesting.

About a week ago, Reddit user Foundation_james reached out to Ask Reddit fellas, asking them to share the most interesting statistics they know. And they did. Think 21.4k comments. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most interesting stats Redditors have provided. Do you know of any fascinating stats? Also, do you research the statistics you find online or believe them blindly? Because it seems that 9 out of 10 people don’t bother…

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Image source: Cantbetoobad1953, Maxim Hopman

There are more privately owned guns than people in the U.S. (Washington Post June 19, 2018)


Image source: PBB22, Ivan Aleksic

There have been 288 mass shootings at schools since 2009 in the USA. The country with the next highest amount has………….. 8. To be clear they have 2.7% of the mass shootings at school that we do.

Which does not count Pulse in Orlando, the Vegas Strip shooting, etc.


Image source: hysys_whisperer, Chip Vincent

The leading cause of death for ages 5 to 18 (correction 1 through 18) has recently switched from car crashes to gun violence in the US.

Your school age child is more likely to die from gun violence than any other cause, including car crashes. 21% gun violence, 20% car crashes.

(Edit: Seeing as rates of gun violence for 1 to 4 year olds is exceedingly low (accidental deaths are a different category), the picture for 5 to 18 year olds is likely higher than 21%)


Image source: ETphonehoooome, 4711018

Innocent people will admit to a crime they never committed 43% of the time.


Image source: Kraagenskul, State Farm

Less than 10% of Americans do not wear seatbelts and account for 51% of car related fatalities.

Wear your seatbelt. Ignore your friend who told you “My buddy’s cousin would’ve died if he was wearing his seatbelt!”


Image source: Creek-StyleYus, Museums Victoria

70% of the german population believe that their ancestors during WW2 helped jewish escapees or didn’t support/partake in the actions performed by the nazis.


Image source: Molesandmangoes, nasa

48% of British people wouldn’t go to space even if their safety was guaranteed with the most popular reason being that they just simply didn’t have any interest in going


Image source: Davecasa, William Warby

Of the 30 fastest 100 meter sprint times, 21 were run by athletes who tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.

The other 9 were Usain Bolt.


Image source: bananacumshake, Artyominc

Brazil is the country that kills the most trans women per year.

Brazil is also the country where the porn category with the most viewers is the one with trans women.


Image source: BreakfastShots, Smoke_Me_When_i_Die

Communism has worked 0% of the times it was tried.


Image source: the_universe_is_ded, Jasmine Halki

Genghis Khan killed so many people that he cooled the earth by a bit.


Image source: Popcorn53, Matt Aylward

Survey of Fortune 500 executives found that 93% agree the golf reflects life.

86% admit to cheating at golf.


Image source: Bayou-Magic, Jennifer Lim-Tamkican

Chopping wood for an hour results in a 48% increase in testosterone in men.


Image source: TheDankestPassions, Ariungoo Batzorig

Despite making up less than 4% of the population, Americans produce over 20% of the garbage in the world.


Image source: debTG81007, Agnieszka Mordaunt

That the remains found in Machu Picchu are 80% female.


Image source: Booklover510, Nenad Stojkovic

50% of human DNA is shared with bananas


Image source: SuvenPan, Vic_B

34 percent of adults and 75 percent of children sleep with a stuffed animal or a blanket, or other sentimental object as their comfort object.


Image source: LudovicoKM, Nacho Arteaga

There are 1.9 popes per square mile in the Vatican City


Image source: personoid, Tony Webster

There are more Panda Express restaurants than actual Pandas

#20 Last But Not Least

Image source: elcoco13, Michael S

93% of people don’t check facts they read on the internet.

Times Historians Had No Idea What Something Was And Women Stepped In And Told Them

In class, I learned that when I don’t understand something, someone else probably does. It’s more useful to learn someone’s perspective in a field than to force your perspective and fail miserably.

That’s the moral lesson to be learned in this viral Twitter thread by Gennifer Hutchison. For her, there are things that male historians and anthropologists get wrong because they usually don’t involve women’s perspectives in their research.

More info: Twitter

Writer Gennifer Hutchinson pointed out online that male scientists struggle to figure something out because they restrict women’s access to their fields

Image credits: GennHutchison

Image credits: GennHutchison

Image credits: GennHutchison

Image credits: GennHutchison

Image credits: GennHutchison

Twitter people shared hilarious examples to further support Gennifer’s point

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