Fox Pics That Show What Wonderful Creatures They Are

Foxes belong to several genera of the family Canidae. Foxes are very smart, probably a similar level of ‘smartness’ to dogs, they are fluffy and foxy, and still, we’re not sure how to describe the sounds they make.

Below is a list of photos of foxes being all funny and cute.

Baby Foxes Showed Up To Say Hi At My Grandmother’s House


I Think Someone Has A Crush On My Christmas Light Decoration


Philip Wang

Planted Fox


Sarah from Help Wildlife said: “If you spot a fox in the wild, the best thing is just to consider yourself blessed and admire them from a distance. It’s never a good idea to try and pet or tame a wild animal. It’s ok to put a little food out sometimes but it’s best not to let them associate people with food or to feed them so much or so often that they become dependent on you. With any animal, there will be a certain amount of crossover between diseases they can get, and diseases humans can get. What really determines the level of risk is how much contact you have with them, since any disease needs close proximity to be transmitted really. So as long as you treat foxes as the wild animals they are and leave them alone, there is virtually no risk of you catching anything from them.

We’ve Been Getting Almost Daily Visits From This Wild Fox Over The Course Of The Past Couple Of Months. My Wife Shot This Photo Of The Two Of Us In Today’s Sunset


This Fox Came Up To My Brother And I While I Was Walking My Dog. Wasn’t Hostile At All

The Adorable Canadian Marble Fox


Ssh, Don’t Want To Wake Him Up


Planted Fox-Tails On The Patio This Year; They’re Doing Well


My Friend Passed Out At A Leyton Bus Stop And Woke Up To This


Security Light Went Off At 1 Am. This Little Guy Found My Dog’s Ball


Found This Fox Chilling In The Backyard

Foxes Sleeping On Friend’s Upstairs Deck. Last Year There Was Only One


Can We All Just Take A Moment To Appreciate The Sweetest Lil Fox Sleeping On A Tree Stump In My Parent’s Backyard

Sara Ryan

Pudding The Fox Knows How To Pose For A Photograph


A Cub Snuck Into Our Chicken Pen And Fell Asleep, Without Harming Any Of Our Chickens


Went Kayaking Down A River And This Little Guy Joined Us When We Stopped For Lunch! Who Knew Foxes Were So Friendly


Caught This Fox Napping In My Garden


I’ve Got A Family Of Foxes Living In The Bush At The End Of Our Garden. The Mum Is Particularly Sneaky


This Arctic Fox That Smiled At Me, At The Quebec City Aquarium


Woke Up Early To Find These Feisty Little Fox Cubs Scrabbling At The Back Door! Think They Must Be Confused By Seeing Their Reflection In The Glass


30 Hilariously Unappealing Things Shared In The ‘Things That Are Not Aesthetic’ Facebook Group

Not all things have artistic value or beauty. Some of them are indeed less attractive than others. However, people manage to come up with things that are so unaesthetic, we can’t help but wonder what their whole thought process was.

Truly horrendous art, horrible designs, as well as unaesthetic projects can capture our imagination like nothing else. Whether these things are so unaesthetic they loop back around and become aesthetic becomes a moot question when you’re stuck there. Sometimes, you even wonder whether you should run away or share the image with your friends. And for this reason, Earthwonders is going to provide you with more details.

Overall, we’re not the only ones who have a fascination with the (un)aesthetic side of the internet. The ‘Things that are not aesthetic ’, with nearly 3.5 million followers is thus a celebration of everything that makes us uncomfortable. Hence, as the name suggests, this Facebook group is dedicated to the most unaesthetic things that people managed to come across. And it’s absolutely funny!

So, check out below some of the recent unaesthetic things shared in this group!

More infoFacebook |

#1 Chronic depression.

 Things that are not aesthetic

#2 All of a sudden…

Things that are not aesthetic

#3 Think smart.

Things that are not aesthetic

#4 Wait for me mom, I am on my way

Things that are not aesthetic

#5 To all the single ladies: hi

Things that are not aesthetic

#6 Don’t touch me

Things that are not aesthetic

#7 Thanks for you advice. I am not gonna take it.

Things that are not aesthetic

#8 This would be amazing during a hot day.

Things that are not aesthetic

#9 Yeah, I survived

Things that are not aesthetic

#10 Super Mario World: Nintendo 1990

Things that are not aesthetic

#11 Anti baby cage.

Things that are not aesthetic

#12 The real struggle..

Things that are not aesthetic

#13 It’s gonna be lit..

Things that are not aesthetic

#14 Well…

Things that are not aesthetic

#15 Sadly truth..

Things that are not aesthetic

#16 Ah Yes.

Things that are not aesthetic

#17 Today I am gonna be punctual:

Things that are not aesthetic

#18 “Then someone in my old office made a complaint about me, even though I wasn’t doing anything…”

Things that are not aesthetic

#19 Looks like a future crime scene

Things that are not aesthetic

#20 Wow. What a lovely red and green dress.

Things that are not aesthetic

#21 Me putting together a 10 page report on something I never read overnight

Things that are not aesthetic

#22 Zillow: “Cozy two story house for sale. $350,000.”
The house:

Things that are not aesthetic

#23 A classic.

Things that are not aesthetic

#24 “Great a flat tire, what else can go wrong.”
The flat tire:

Things that are not aesthetic

#25 Zoom

Things that are not aesthetic

#26 Will you ride the booba gorilla slide?

Things that are not aesthetic

#27 Batman got them batcakes

Things that are not aesthetic

#28 This is basically what it’s like being guarded by Tacko Fall

Things that are not aesthetic

#29 Celebrate each moment…

Things that are not aesthetic

#30 Confused.

Things that are not aesthetic

#31 There’s No Time To Explain. Get In The Pea


#32 Bow Hunting With Style

Things that are not aesthetic

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