April 22, 2021

Funny Reactions of Dogs Who Realized They’re Going to Vet Not Dog Park

Whoever owns a dog, knows the struggle of taking their dog to the vet. They always realize you are taking them to the worst place they could ever imagine, like taking them to prison. Every time they hear the word “vet” their facial expressions instantly change. The worried look on their face almost makes it seem like they’re having flashbacks. It’s understandable why dogs don’t like vets, no one wants hands unnecessarily touching and pressing their body, or someone using weird tools to check their temperature.

Scroll down and enjoy these dogs’ reactions when they find out that their human is taking them to the vet instead of the park.

So My Dog Had To Go To The Vet Today


My Dog Hiding From The Vet


Saw This At The Vet’s Office A While Back


The Moment He Realized We Went To The Vet Instead Of The Dog Park


Which One Has His First Trip To The Vet?


When I’ve Told My Dog, That We Are Going To Visit Vet


Scared Boye Waiting To See The Vet


The Vet Said “Time For Shots”


I May Have Caught The Moment My Dog Realised We Weren’t Going To The Park


Jack’s Strategy At The Vet: If I Can’t See You You Can’t See Me


Taking A Different Route To The Vet Worked. Until We Turned The Corner


The Exact Moment He Realized He Was Heading To The Vet


Suspicious Corgi Is Suspicious

He Figured Out We Were On Our Way To The Vet And Not The Dog Park


Trying To Escape Before His Vet Appointment


Perfect Hiding Place From Vet. She Will Never Find Me