Grooming Fails: 25 Hilariously Failed Dog Haircuts During Quarantine

Just like us humans, our dogs need a trim once in a while too. And now that all the pet groomers are closed due to the coronavirus, pet owners are taking it upon themselves to give their dogs a trim – and now they probably wish they didn’t.

People stuck in quarantine are sharing photos of the haircuts they gave their pets, and the results are so bad, they’re hilarious. Check out the worst doggy haircuts in the gallery below – I’m pretty sure they’ll make you appreciate professional pet groomers even more!

“I don’t think he’ll ever trust a human again,” one Twitter user wrote about his mom’s decision to “try grooming the dog.” Don’t tell me you didn’t see it coming.

Let’s take a look at our selection of some of the funniest canine haircut casualties down below. If you’re still considering becoming a first-time groomer yourself, think again, and then, think once more.

1# There’s A First Time For Everything

Credits: slack2thefuture

Hayley Byrne-Ingle, a groomer at The Kennel Club, urges people to remember that “a lot can go wrong without the correct training” and “clippers or scissors on a moving target is not as easy as most people think!”

The most common mistake people make when grooming at home is “reaching straight for the clippers used for human hair,” Hayley told us. “These clippers usually have one very short blade and used on dogs will take their coat very short!” she explained.

2# Sad Gretel

Credits: TrinaSpillman

Another common mistake is bathing your dog at home without brushing prior. “A lot of dogs now will be getting long and smelly and it’s very tempting to bathe them,” but this is a big mistake, warns Hayley. “Bathing without brushing can lead to matting of the coat as a small single knot when water is added can form a layer of mats.”

The professional groomer recommends letting the pros do their job. When grooming your dog at home, there’s a great chance of injuries that “can leave your dog with a bad experience.” She suggests investing in a good brush, which will also help you to bond with your furry friend.

3# Mojo Before And Afte

Credits: breathingmanually

4# This Is Why We Pay Professionals

Credits: maribrite83

The Centers for Disease Control And Prevention reports that “some coronaviruses that infect animals can sometimes be spread to humans and then spread between people, but it’s rare.” The current outbreak likely started from an animal source, but the exact source of the virus is unknown.

The first animal case that tested positive for the virus was a tiger with respiratory illness at a zoo in New York City. Nevertheless, “Based on the limited information available to date, the risk of animals spreading COVID-19 to people is considered to be low.”

5# Avery Also Thinks Pants Are Optional During Isolation

Credits: kmacneil225

6# A Quarantine Haircut At It’s Best

Credits: MeanAuntmissy

7# I, Too, Gave My Dog A Deeply Regrettable Quarantine Haircut. I’m So Sorry, Son

Credits: halcyondazeahead

8# Not Happy

Credits: withnailandaye

9# My Wife’s First Attempt To Groom The Dog During Quarantine

Credits: RhodiumPl8ed

10# Dogs With Haircuts – Riley Edition

Credits: keele

11# It Was So Long She Couldn’t See, So I Tried My Best But Poor Maggie May Deserved Better

Credits: oy-withthepoodles

12# Guess Who Won’t Be Asked To Groom The Dog Again

Credits: andrewbin1

13# My Dog Got A Haircut. Seems Pissed About It

Credits: ChickenCowChicken

14# First Time Quarantine Groomer Here! How’d I Do?

Credits: jilliandee1982

15# Covid19 Haircut. Mistakes Were Made

Credits: SoundOfOneHand

16# A Trim

Credits: heatherlouhind

17# Try Grooming The Dog

Credits: danielhowell

18# Quarantine Haircuts 2020

Credits: gusandlayla

19# Miss That Fluffy Boy. I Want His Fur Back

Credits: yetiandthejet

20# Unexpected Casualties

Credits: MarkAgee

21# This Is The Mug Of A Dog Who Is Plotting His Revenge Against Me For Giving Him A Home Haircut

Credits: hopperpupper

22# If Looks Could Kill

Credits: MinGzDaKing

23# Help Me! My Mom Did My Grooming. I Was In Desperate Need About 4 Weeks Ago. I Look Like A Chinchilla

Credits: HavoctheHav

24# That Look

Credits: DottyTeapot1

25# Groomer Closed Due To Covid19. Wife Told Me To Trim The Dog. Hold My Beer

Credits: iJUJ

Meet Barnaby, The Pensive Persian Fluffy Cat Who Looks So Cute Although He Never Smiles

Cats are born adorable and some have even distinct features that make them even more adorable. In fact, they are considered to be very royal creatures. However, sometimes they may pass over this with their silliness and weirdness.
In this case, Barnaby, the hero of today’s post, is a fluffy Persian whose key traits are his melancholic eyes, and his permanent frown. Indeed, none of this means he’s sad. In truth, he lives a comfortable life and looks so because he’s so bored of being treated like royalty. His forever annoyed look has consequently turned him into a celebrity on the internet.
Despite his monarchic appearance, Barnaby is apparently very reserved and often lonesome. He prefers to get pets only when he feels up to it. When not sleeping, he can be seen laying on the floor at random spots in the house, eat food, and do things most cats would do.

He was an only cat for a while until his family welcomed his little sister last year (Barnaby wasn’t as welcoming). Additionally, he’s very spoiled and likes to sleep about 20 hours a day. He naps on his mom’s chair during the day so if he wants to sit down, mom has to sit on the floor. He only likes to be petted when he’s in the mood.

So, let’s take an extended look at the reasons why he’s amassed more than 145k followers on Instagram!

More info: Instagram































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