March 1, 2021

Hilarious Examples of People When They Take “It’s Not My Business” Seriously

It’s a known fact that every person has a different work ethic. Sometimes we find something we like doing, and we don’t get bored even if it takes hours to finish. But there also some types of jobs that you just want to get it over with, without putting any extra work unless you really have to. When it’s not your business, you honestly don’t care about the outcome. Here are some examples of “it’s not my busness”, where people do the bare minimum to finish a job.

#1 Made the engraving boss

Image source: awesomeduuuu

#2 Finished putting up the signs boss

Image source: Anonymous

#3 Took the driver’s license photo boss

Image source: awsome_repost_bro

#4 How I Bang your mother

Image source:

#5 Whoever named these streets

Image source: SalazarRED

#6 Installed the street lights boss

Image source: karim_abdelrahreem

#7 Working for the big man

Image source: parkinsonslaw

#8 Answered all the questions, boss

Image source: yecapixtlan

#9 Not my job to add the subtitles

Image source: til-f

#10 Fixed the broken clock, boss

Image source: theglasscat

#11 Painted Wales’ flag for ya, boss

Image source: lynneguist

#12 The sign’s up, boss

Image source: TheUnchainedZebra

#13 Godamnit Roy

Image source: ntheg111

#14 I h ung the sign in the parking garage, boss

Image source: Gaggamaggot

#15 I wrote warnings, boss

Image source: makakaqle

#16 The brids

Image source: elikessler

#17 Thanks, associate’s name

Image source: tacochickenstrips

#18 Just put Monday

Image source: Toukoxxx

#19 Added subtitles, boss

Image source: -ksguy-

#20 This ATM in Egypt is not grounded and can electrocute people, paper says ” use wooden stick” 

Image source: saintkillio