April 22, 2021

Hilarious Pics Of Cats Who Got Funny Haircuts At The Vet For Surgery

When Twitter user Ash shared a pic of a friend’s cat, she probably didn’t think it would go viral. However, the black kitty who got its front legs shaved for surgery was precisely what the Internet needed. Ash’s tweet went viral and as of this article, it has over 470K likes.

The best part, however, is the replies. Other people whose cats are in a similar predicament started responding with their photos as well. From losing their pants to getting their out-of-shape bellies exposed, most of the shots are less than flattering, too. Something tells me the felines are already plotting a revenge plan to get back at the people spreading their photos.



Bringing your feline back home from the vet and snapping a pic of it might be an easy sport. But taking it to the vet in the first place can be one hell of a karate compilation.

Animal behavior expert Zazie Todd, PhD has some tips on how to make these trips to the vet much more easier.

First, pick the right kind of cat carrier. “Picking the right cat carrier is important to ensure you have one that your cat can feel safe inside. One that is too open will mean the cat feels exposed, and one without many entry points can cause struggles when it’s time for your cat to go in,” Todd explained.



Next, train your cat to use their carrier. Keep in mind that it’s a lot easier to start carrier training when you have a kitten than a grown-up feline. If you have an adult cat who is terrified of the cat carrier, this process is going to take longer, and you will have to work at the cat’s pace.

Put your cat’s bedding in the carrier. “Smell is very important to cats,” Todd said. “Scent marking is one of the ways cats communicate. When your cat rubs her head on something, she is depositing pheromones from scent glands in her face. Pheromones are chemical signals, and although we are still learning about them, when cats facial rub on each other, it is believed they are creating a group scent.”


edwardhowrongtu – My friend’s cat had surgery and now he has no pants.

Continue by choosing the right vet, one that is cat friendly and fear-free. “Although it is inevitable that some vet visits will be stressful for cats, there is a lot that veterinarians can do to make things easier. As pet owners, we can choose a vet whose clinic is set up for cats and who will use handling techniques that will keep stress low.”

It’s also important to train your cat to be handled. When you get a kitten, you should allow them to get used to being handled. For example, you can gently look in the ears, lift the tail up, and get them used to being groomed or even to have their teeth brushed.


Cheosta – My cat recently had surgery. I hope his fur grows back quickly.

If your vet agrees, you can use treats, petting, and/or toys.

“Sometimes you will need to restrain your cat, or maybe the vet will ask you to hold the cat while they do something,” Todd added. In these scenarios, be kind and don’t scruff your cat.

Who knows, if you take such good care of your cat, maybe it will let you photograph its new crazy look when you get back, too.




nuocyte – Our little buddy had to have a few surgeries. His haircut was… Less than flattering.












Background-Wafer-163 – My 16 year boy looking like he is the toughest cat on the block after his tooth removal surgery.




bjreicha – A couple of months post-surgery and Nugget is finally getting his fur back.




OhKerrn – My kitty lounging on the floor after his surgery… Yea, he’s still a little high on pain killers, but he’s a champ.




kerph32 – Apollo made it through 3 weeks at the hospital and a surgery after somehow catching tonsillitis. The beast is finally back to his usual self.