April 19, 2021

Humans Document All the Times They’ve Caught Animals Trying to Act Like Them

As consciousness, intelligent, and emotional beings, animals tend to adopt a lot of human traits while living together. But sometimes, no matter the circumstances of their living, they never fail to show their love and protective instinct when needed.

There’s a subreddit  r/LikeUs where people have shared photos and videos of animals revealing exactly this heartwarming side of theirs.

Continue scrolling below and check out some of the most adorable moments of animals behavior based on their intelligence and instinct.

#1 She Barks To Call Him. He Comes, They Rub And Greet Each Other And They Go For A Walk


#2 Love Of A Mother


#3 Parrot Offers Some Comforting Words


#4 Doggie Superstition


#5 A Pig Named Lulu Saved Her Owner’s Life While The Owner Was Having A Heart Attack. The Pig Heard The Cries For Help, Forced Her Way Out Of The Yard And Ran Into The Road And ‘Played Dead’ To Stop The Traffic. A Driver Stopped And The Pig LED Him To The Trailer, He Heard The Woman And Called 911

                       2 years ago

#6 They Support Each Other


#7 Admiring Baby Like Us


#8 This Is How A Baby Gorilla And A Baby Human React To A Cold Stethoscope


#9 They Better Have Regular Play Dates From Here On Out


#10 Orangutan


#11 Neighbor’s Corgi Was Sneaking Onto Her Property At Night And Riding Her Pony


#12 Dog Intentionally Fake Coughs To Get More Attention, If This Isn’t Intelligent Behaviour I Don’t Know What Is


#13 He’s Doing The Best He Can


#14 This Is Dawn The Orangutan. She Saw Zoo Workers Cleaning Off After A Shift. So Dawn Stole A Cloth And Now She Cleans Off Everyday Too


#15 Pikin, A Gorilla Rescued From The Bushmeat Trade, Is Comforted By Her Caretaker Appolinaire On The Way To A Forest Sanctuary


#16 Rats Are Very Empathetic

           University of Chicago Medical Center

#17 Doggo Trying To Protect Owner From Being Burned


#18 Dog Learns To Talk By Using Buttons That Have Different Words, Actively Building Sentences By Herself

          Christina Hunger

#19 Showing Affection For Mother

                     1 year ago

#20 Momma Cat Bringing Fish For Kitten