IKEA Recreates the Iconic Living Rooms From Your Favorite TV Shows

Have you always wanted to have an inviting living room like Monica Geller or Homer Simpson? Well, now you can.

Using IKEA products — couches, tables, rugs, paint, plants, and the like — the company recreated an iconic living room from each show. It’s all part of their new United Arab Emirates advertising campaign entitled the ‘Real Life Series’. The Swedish brand chose three iconic family rooms on TV and then replicated them using IKEA furniture only.

The three featured rooms include Friends, Stranger Things, and The Simpsons. However, each room touches on a particular function as well. For instance, Monica’s apartment is the “Room for Mates”, Joyce’s living room is the “Room for Everyone” and “The Simpson’s living room is the “Room for Families.”

Although some rooms had to be personalized or painted to get the right look, the results are kind of incredible.
Thus, the only thing missing is the live studio audience!

Ikea has recreated iconic living room sets from famous TV series: FriendsStranger Things and The Simpsons.

The massive purple apartment occupied by Rachel and Monica through most of the run of Friends.

IKEA sells a wide variety of furniture, so the mismatched but matching look of the furniture from the series comes through in the IKEA recreation, which the brand not-so-subtly labeled a “Room for mates.” In the Friends look-alike apartment, the French “Jouets” framed print is replaced with a vintage car poster, and some of the decors like lamps, plants, and pillows differ, but the result stays very close to the original.
Favorite Videos

The Byers home from Stranger Things.

The company used its MALA paint to write the alphabet on the wall and SOLVINDEN LED lights to complete the interdimensional communications system. A couple of chairs, tables, and a couch strewn with throw pillows complete the look. Of course, it wouldn’t be the Stranger Things room without those Christmas lights. IKEA used colored string lights and even suggests paint and brushes for the painted-on alphabet.

Movie Scene Crew

The Simpsons’ living room.

Animation on Fox
The iconic couch — famous from the gags that open each episode — sits against a pink wall with green carpeting, a purple side table, and crooked painting of a sailboat. It remains faithful right down to the askew picture frame above the couch and sparse decorations.

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