Interesting Movie Details You Might Have Not Noticed Before

We love watching movies and learning more about them. There are a lot of details in it that we miss even though we re-watch the movie a hundred times. These details often send a hidden message about the character, the movie, or a personal message the director wants to put out there.

We already mentioned some famous movies with interesting facts which you can check here, but there’s always more for the thirsty eye. There are tons of movies, and each one of us gives us something different. Today we have another selection that will make you go back and pay more attention to these movies.

Scroll down below, and let us know if you spotted them before. And if there’s some other fact that you would like to share, don’t hesitate to do so in the comment section below.

1. Ever wonder what happened to Kevin’s ticket in “Home Alone”?


His dad threw it out by accident! So the whole movie could’ve been prevented if he had just watched what he was tossing in the trash.

Then again, they probably shouldn’t have forgotten their son in the first place.

2. Chicha from The Emperor’s New Groove (2000) is the first pregnant female character to appear in a Disney animated feature film, according to the DVD commentary. She’s also one of the first mother characters in a Disney film not to be killed off or villainized.


3. In Toy Story 4 (2019), a car has the licence plate “RMRF97”. In 1997, someone at Pixar accidentally typed “rm -r -f “, deleting the entire Toy Story 2 movie from the Pixar database. Fortunately, the film’s supervising technical director had a backup copy at home, and the movie was restored.


4. In Skyfall (2012), a stolen painting is being shown to a man. The painting is ‘Woman with a fan’ by Amadeo Modigliani. It was stolen in real-life in 2010 and has yet to be recovered.


5. In A Bug’s Life (1999), the queen is seen to have a pet named “Aphie.” In real life, this little bug is an aphid (also known as aphids) and they live in harmony with the ants, but not as pets, but as “livestock”.


6. In Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead man’s chest (2006), actor Mackenzie Crook had to wear two contact lenses on top of one another, to portray his characters wooden eye. He said: “It’s uncomfortable…but not painful. And it helps the character, because without it, I’m just any other pirate.”


7. In POTC: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), most of Jack Sparrow’s hats are made of rubber. This is because Johnny Depp kept losing them and throwing them overboard. After he lost ten leather hats, the costume designer started making them out of rubber so that they would float instead of sink.


8. In La La Land (2016), as Sebastian and Mia walk through the studio lot, they pass by two actors filming a romantic scene. Those two actors are actually Ryan Gosling’s and Emma Stone’s body doubles.


9. To create the code for The Matrix (1999), a production designer scanned symbols from his wife’s sushi cookbooks, then manipulated them to create the iconic “code”.


10. In Parasite (2019), Mr Park’s company is called ‘Another Brick’. This is a reference to Pink Floyd. They were Bong Joon Ho’s favorite band in college.


11. In ‘Dazed and Confused’ (1993) when Matthew McConaughey said “Hey, watch the leather, man!” and starts laughing he was high for real. He recently talked about it in a Howard Stern interview.


12. In ‘The Wrestler’ (2008), they didn’t shut down the deli counter while they filmed Randy working there. Those are real customers, and everything Mickey Rourke does is improvised.


13. In order to prepare for his role in “Master and Commander” (2003), Russell Crowe spent 3 months learning violin, calling it the hardest thing he’d ever done for a film. He later sold the 130 year old violin used in the movie for £73,528.


14. In Mad Max (1979), Toecutter’s gang was actually played by a real biker gang: “The Vigilanties”. They also performed many of the stunts in the movie. In fact, they proved so proficient, one even doubled for Goose to do his donut in a later scene.


15. In Ratatouille(2007) Git, the jacked rat, has a tag on his ear reading A113. Not only is this a frequently used Pixar easter egg, it also implies that Git was a lab rat, explaining his large size


16. In Palm Springs (2020), Nyles is drinking “Akupara” beer. In Sanskrit, Akupara means “unlimited, unbounded” and in Hinduism, it’s the name of a tortoise described as “one who is without death.”


17. Incredibles (2004) Elastagirl’s original suit was red and Mr. Incredible’s suit was blue, their first child’s name? Violet


18. Titanic – 1997 The couple shown in bed together having accepted their fate is Isador and Ida Straus. They were the co owners of Macy’s. Ida refused to leave his side when he refused a life boat spot b/c there were still women and children on board. They were last seen walking arm and arm together.


19. In The Matrix (1999) the way Neo and Morpheus attack each other with the same move, their clothes and head/hair forms the Ying-Yang Symbol


20. In order to work with Martin Scorsese for The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), Jonah Hill took a pay cut by being paid the S.A.G. minimum, which was $60,000 compared to Leonardo DiCaprio who was paid $10 million.


21. At the end of Disney/Pixar’s Ratatouille (2007) Anton Ego is a little bit fatter. This is especially poignant since he states, “I don’t like food, I love it… if I don’t love it I don’t swallow.”


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