April 19, 2021

“Karen” Tries to Steal Christmas- The Hilarious Feud Between Neighbors Over Christmas Decorations

Everyone gets a little excited when the holidays get close. People start decorating the Christmas tree, get holiday themed clothes, bake sweets, play festive music, but whatever it is for sure they don’t encounter their neighbors over the porch decorations.

Not something usual to happen on the eve of holidays, but as long as there are “Karen’s” the world, everything it’s possible.

This Karen, however, starts the holiday season doing exactly that. When she spotted a Gargoyle on her neighbor’s porch, she left a note telling her to take it down immediately, since it didn’t match the Christmas spirit. As most people would’ve backed down, this particular person the note was delivered to, decided to do the opposite and protect her right to decorate however she sees fit .

The given ultimatum was denied and the upcoming feud it’s hilarious. Karen had definitely no chance of winning.

More info: Facebook


More info: Facebook