‘Lion King’ Dean Schneider Left A Well-Paying Job To Dedicate His Work To Save Mutilated Animals

People adore wild animals and love them, but here’s an animal lover, who has made it his mission to bring animals into people’s hearts. And it’s really unbelievable what he did to realize his dream.

Dean Schneider, a 26-year-old Swiss, not only left his well-paying job but also sold all his belongings to move to Africa to be with wild animals. This move from the lap of luxury in Switzerland into the African animal kingdom amply proved his dedication to protect wildlife. Of course, he’s so right when he says, “We only protect what we love.”

Not that long ago, he was living in Europe.

Dean Schneider

He moved to South Africa.

Dean Schneider

This was Schneider’s idea to live his dream, the reason why he left his job as a financial planner in Switzerland, traveled to South Africa and set up the Hakuna Mipaka establishment. Incidentally, Hakuna Mipaka in Swahili means ‘no limits’. According to him, “Hakuna Mipaka is a way of living which originated from the five core values – freedom, loyalty, appreciation, brotherhood, and boldness.”

There are all kinds of animals.

Dean Schneider

It’s literally his life’s work.

Dean Schneider

How did he get so passionate about animals?

Dean Schneider

On the Hakuna Mipaka site, he says he developed “an immense fascination for the animal world” at a very young age, and has always prioritized supporting animal protection organizations.

Hakuna Mipaka is spread over the 300-hectare estate and mainly caters to lions born in captivity. In addition, it also has a separate area for other wild animals, such as impalas, kudus, zebras, hyenas, baboons, and many others. He provides these animals an opportunity to live in freedom.

What motivated Schneider to take this bold step was his fascination for animals from his very childhood. He firmly believed that people should respect animals, nature, and behavior. This is what attracted him to animal documentaries and drove him to make various animal protection organizations an important part of his life.

You can feel the love.

Dean Schneider

“Through this incredible love to animals, he learned to understand these wonderful creatures as well as gaining the ability to build a special bond with them,” the site notes. “Schneider’s heart belongs entirely to the Wildlife.”

It’s a multifaceted mission.

Dean Schneider

Once Schneider set up Hakuna Mipaka, he got down to understanding the nature of various wild animals that he encountered and tried to build a special bond with each one of them. Today, he educates people by revealing the beauty of these amazing creatures through his Instagram page, where he has over 570,000 fans.

As regards Schneider’s mission, he says, “My mission is to reach as many people as possible and educate them about the wildlife and the beauty of the animal kingdom. I believe in the power of knowledge, passion, and visual stories in order to change people’s perceptions and save wildlife.”

Dean Schneider

While the animals get a better life pretty much as soon as they arrive at Hakuna Mipaka, the organization is also dedicated to educating people about wildlife and the animal kingdom.

Schneider outlines his general mission on the Hakuna Mipaka website, writing, “I believe in the power of knowledge, passion and visual stories in order to change peoples’ perceptions and save the wildlife.”

Dean Schneider

If you share Schneider’s passion for animals, you can also become part of the Hakuna Mipaka family and work hand in hand with him in either recording videos as a videographer or giving a helping hand as a volunteer. For this, you simply need to visit his website.

Dean Schneider

Could you ever drop everything, move away and pursue a dream like this? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check Dean out on Instagram and visit Hakuna Mipaka.

Same Crocodile, Same Place 15 Years Apart- Steve Irwin’s Son Recreates His Father’s Most Iconic Photo

We are living in a world that nothing is guaranteed forever. due to extreme pollution and global warming and harmful thing happening the earth is becoming a big mess. Not only for humans but also for animals. They have been massively going on extinct and unprotected by human harm and evilness.

Nonetheless, the rates of extinction that are currently taking place are actually comparable to the rates that took place when dinosaurs were wiped off of the face of the planet.

However, there is still a ray of hope when it comes to people who actually care about other beings except themselves.

I bet Everyone knows the late, great Steve Irwin. He left behind an incredible legacy. He was a crocodile hunter with a heart of gold. Now, his loved ones are doing their best to carry on the tradition. His children Robert and Bindi have continued their conservation efforts. Irwin’s wife Terri is also heavily involved.

1. Steve Irwin was a crocodile hunter and an activist for wild animal rights.

The Irwin family at the Australia Zoo in June 2006: (L-R) Robert, Terri, Steve, and Bindi
Photo: Australia Zoo via Getty Images

When we remember steve we see that all he ever wanted was that all the animals in the Australian Zoo where he used to work to be treated with the utmost respect. If these animals are not given the chance to hunt down moving prey, they are more likely to become extinct. That’s why the efforts of trained handlers are important. Without their assistance, the crocodiles are unable to feed in the proper manner.

His son Murray made a recreation photo like his father did but 15 years after a very iconic photo of his father feeding the same crocodile. Now, Robert is the one who is responsible for his welfare. The Instagram post went viral and was liked by every animal lover out there. And Robert hopes he can shed light to everyone about animal rights welfare.

Richard Giles


3. His wife and two childrens are continuing his legacy


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